7 Ways to Get a Tan without Actually Tanning ...


Are you searching for ways to get a tan without tanning? There are ways that you can do that or at least make yourself look tanner than you actually are. No one wants to go through the summer without at least a little bit of a glow but who wants the risks that come along with tanning? Try these ways to get a tan without tanning to get your tan on this spring.

1. Try Sunless Tanner

Sunless tanner is one of the best ways to get a tan without tanning. It gives your skin that beautiful glow you want without having to lay in the sun for hours or fry yourself in the tanning bed. There are so many different brands you can try. If you do not like the first one you try, keep testing them. There is a perfect brand for everyone.

Spray Tans Are an Option
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