7 Ways to Get More out of Beauty Products ...


Are you looking for ways to get more out of beauty products?

Regardless of whether you have high-end or bargain beauty products, we want to get the most bang for our buck!

To me, there’s nothing worse than spending my hard-earned cash on beauty products that somehow go bad prematurely or just seem to disappear after only a few uses!

If you can relate to my dilemma, keep reading for ways to get more out of beauty products and make your makeup last!

1. Put a Lid on It

One of the easiest ways to get more out of beauty products is to cover up your products!

We frequently put on our makeup in a rush and leave products out for the air, dust and all their buddies to make themselves at home.

Leaving beauty products uncovered can cause them to soil before their time and we have to repurchase.

Keep all of your beauty products covered when they’re not in use to save time and money!

2. Make It Last

Are you bummed because you’re all out of your favorite lipstick?

Don’t worry girlfriend, I promise you’ve got a few more applications left in that tube!

Use a cotton swab or lip brush to get to the bottom of your lipstick and get every last trace of your fave lippie!

I know this tip won’t save you tons of money, but you’ll be getting the most of each tube of lipstick and that shows a lot of spending savvy!

3. Turn down the Heat

Aside from keeping your beauty products covered up, another surefire way to make beauty products last is to keep them away from the moisture and heat.

We usually keep our makeup and skin care products in the bathroom because that’s where we usually apply them.

That makes sense and all, but the best place for them is in a cool, dark place away from the shower and windows!

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