21. Eat Foods Rich πŸ’Ά in Estrogen

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I'm sure you've heard πŸ‘‚ of the hormone estrogen but did you know that it plays a major role in increasing πŸ“ˆ breast size?

Yup, filling up πŸ†™ on πŸ”› foods such as sunflower 🌻 seeds, cucumbers, apples, garlic, cherries, and plums are a safe, natural, and delicious πŸ˜‹ way to perk up πŸ‘† your girls!

Apples are also high on the list of fruits that contain estrogen.

Aim to eat an apple a day to see an increase in breast size, or if you’re not an apple person you can try cherries, plums, beets or cucumbers instead!

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