24. Tape πŸ“Ό Them up

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Did you see Kim Kardashian's tape bra πŸ‘™ she posted on πŸ”› IG?

Basically, when she needed amazing cleavage and couldn't wear πŸ‘– a regular bra, she used gaffer tape πŸ“Ό instead.

Taping your breasts up πŸ†™ can create instant cleavage without worrying about pesky bra πŸ‘™ straps.

Be warned that it's probably going πŸ†™ to be a painful process to remove ❎ the tape!

Another quick fix or temporary solution is to try tape!

This is a great way to wear strapless, backless and braless while still creating the illusion of larger beasts.

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Price: $7.08 at amazon.com