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7 Ways to Smell Fresh All Day Long ...

Everyone wants to have a fresh smell throughout their day. I think it’s every woman’s dream to be the girl others want to follow because you smell so lovely. You’ve probably caught these sorts of scents of others before. You walk by and it just pulls you in. These are some ways to help you to smell fresh all day long.

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1. Shower Daily

In order to smell fresh you’ve got to be clean and that starts with a daily shower or bath. Everyone has body odor. But having it and keeping it are two different things. A daily shower or bath is the foundation that smelling fresh all day long is built on. There are benefits to a daily shower or bath beyond getting clean. It can help you to wake up in the morning, to relax in the evening and to work any aches and pains out.

2. Beware of Dirty Hair

While dirty hair does have the advantage of styling beautifully, there’s a limit to it. Dirty hair can get an odor from sweat and the oil your scalp produces if it’s not washed frequently enough. How long you can go between washes is going to depend on your unique hair. Most people can go every other day and some can wash every third day. A little bonus tip that can help you to smell fresh all day long is to choose shampoo and conditioner with a nice fragrance.

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3. Be the Queen of Oral Hygiene

Bad breath can ruin the fresh scent you’re going for, even if you smell lovely in every other way. Bad breath happens to everyone from time to time. You can lessen the occurrence of it with good oral hygiene. Brush, floss and rinse with a mouthwash twice a day to help prevent bad breath. This takes care of the majority of oral hygiene issues.

4. Carry Mints or Gum

This’s the extra mile you can go to take care of bad breath issues. If you have good oral hygiene then bad breath will probably be something that’s rarely an issue. It’ll likely be limited to times when you’ve had something that causes bad breath such as garlic or onions. For those times, having mint or gum in your purse is essential. It can deal with the issue of bad breath until you can brush your teeth.

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5. Layer Your Fragrance

If you want to wear a fragrance that others can always smell then this tip is important to follow. A spritz of perfume in the morning is probably not going to give you the long-lasting scent you’re hoping for. If you want to smell fresh all day long then you should layer your fragrance. Start in the shower with a shower gel then follow up with lotion or body butter. Your perfume is the last layer.

6. Apply Perfume to Your Pulse Points

Not only is it important to apply perfume after other layers of fragrance, it’s also important to know where to apply it. Pulse points are the best places to apply perfume. Your pulse points include the inside of your wrists and elbows, your neck and behind your knees. You don’t have to apply perfume to each of these spots. Choose a couple that feel natural to you.

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7. Add Sachets to Your Closet

This is that little something extra that others won’t know about. It’s a way to smell fresh all day long that others can’t figure out. Add some perfumed sachets to your closet. You can buy them pre-made or make them. When you do this your clothes will always have a subtle hint of fragrance.

These are some ways to help you smell fresh all day long. What do you do to make sure you stay smelling fresh? Share your tips here.

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