7 Ways to Smell Fresh All Day Long ...


Everyone wants to have a fresh smell throughout their day.

I think it’s every woman’s dream to be the girl others want to follow because you smell so lovely.

You’ve probably caught these sorts of scents of others before.

You walk by and it just pulls you in.

These are some ways to help you to smell fresh all day long.

1. Shower Daily

In order to smell fresh you’ve got to be clean and that starts with a daily shower or bath.

Everyone has body odor.

But having it and keeping it are two different things.

A daily shower or bath is the foundation that smelling fresh all day long is built on.

There are benefits to a daily shower or bath beyond getting clean.

It can help you to wake up in the morning, to relax in the evening and to work any aches and pains out.

Beware of Dirty Hair
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