2. Women on Iran like to Show off Their Nose Jobs

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Nose jobs aren't that uncommon in the United States, but Iran has become the rhinoplasty capital of the world. Women are so proud of going under the knife that they will continue to wear their bandages long after they're needed, in order to show off their beauty. Still others will purchase surgical tape to wear even if they haven't undergone the procedure.

Because women's bodies and hair are covered by a hijab and it makes little sense to spend money on clothes, they are keen to spend their money to enhance what people can see.

"They have become more fashion conscious because they are deprived of it," author of Reading Lolita in Tehran, Azar Nafisi, told ABC News. "Every woman likes to be happy, likes to be secure, likes to look good, to feel good, and Iranians are no different." Well said.

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