5. Māori Women Sport Tattoos in New Zealand

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Māori women in New Zealand have traditionally adorned a tattoo on their chin as a means to attract a mate.

The sacred tradition is known as Ta Moko.

Each moko is different and includes ancestral tribal information specific to the wearer.

The moko also displays the woman's family and tribal affiliations, as well as her social status within her tribe.

While both men and women are tattooed, the main reason for women to tattoo their lips and chins is for beauty.2

"They are tattooed on their lips and chins and the more fuller their lips, the more beautiful they are considered in their community," says blogger Katie Wake-Ramos, who travels the globe, studying the concepts of beauty in different cultures.

The practice has changed over time, but it is still a draw for a Māori man.

"Ta moko today is much more than a fashion statement, a passing fad for Māori," said Dr.

Ngahula Te Awekotuku, a professor of psychology at Waikato University.

"It is about who we are, and whom we come from.

It is about where we are going, and how we choose to get there.

And it is about for always, forever."

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