7 Women Who Went beyond Being Beauty Queens ...


Beauty queens are one of the most stereotyped group of people in this earth.

They are often labelled as “beauty sans the brains” instead of “beauty and brains.” Add that to the fact that in the entire equation, one equally important part is missing: the heart or the compassion towards other people.

Most beauty queens fulfill their duties doing humanitarian and charitable work during their reign.

I am not a fan of that.

I usually look at these winners five years after their reign and check if they really are doing something for society.

Here are seven women who went beyond being beauty queens and truly did something significant for society:

1. Sushmita Sen

Sushmita Sen

Sushmita from India is one of my favorite beauty queens.

She won Miss Universe 1994 as a teenager and has grown to be a woman of substance.2

She adopted two girls (Renee and Alisah) and proudly calls herself a happy, single mother even when society frowned at her decision.

She is an example to all young women and even current and former beauty queens that good works should continue even when the camera is not on you.

Halle Berry
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