9 Wonderful Ways to Use Essential Oils ...


If you’re interested in aromatherapy or have ever asked yourself how to use essential oils then I hope this post will be a help to you! Essential oils are so much more than just having a nice aroma; there are so many unexpected and beneficial uses for them. Take a look at the 9 delightful ways that teach you how to use essential oils and put your bottle of patchouli to work!

1. Choose before You Use

Before we embark on the journey of how to use essential oils, we should pick out the oil we want to use. You’ll want to use certain oils for certain uses such as peppermint to improve digestion, so think about what you want to use your oils for. Also, keep in mind that most essential oils need to be diluted before using topically, so be sure to pay attention to the directions on the bottle.

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