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49.95 Gorgeous Spring Centerpiece for Women Obsessed with Decor ...

By Olga

Guys, Easter is almost here and if you are running late on your prep, like I do - you'll love this amazing Re-Usable Spring/Easter Centerpiece!

It's completely all-natural and made with gorgeous flowers like artemisia, lavender, ammobium and larkspur with a cute central moss blanket.

The best thing is that it's all air-dried materials, so basically, you can re-use it next spring and the spring after that, as long as you put it away in a box.

It's US-made, so, yay and the reviews say it came looking as beautiful as it does in the pic! So, there you go! The size is 16" in diameter by 4", which is perfect for most tables.

And the price is amazing- $49.95 for a gorge re-usable Easter/Spring centerpiece, get it here:!

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