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Adorable Foot Tattoos That Are Easy to Cover ...

By Eliza

If you're dying for a tattoo, but want one that you can cover up when you need to, your foot is a great place to get your ink. You can cover the tattoo with socks or a cute pair of shoes or wear something strappy to let it show. Getting a tattoo is a big decision so make sure you know exactly what you want before you sit down in the chair. Here's all the inspiration you need.

1 Feather Ankle Bracelet

Feather Ankle BraceletSource: foot tattoos tumblr picture on

2 Little Flock of Birds

Little Flock of BirdsSource: Ink

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3 Go with a Cool Design

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4 Peaceful Flowers

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5 How about a Colorful Butterfly?

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6 Tiny Pattern

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7 Point the Way

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8 Pretty Little Flower

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9 Adorable Little Bike Ride

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10 Hearts Wearing a Crown

Hearts Wearing a CrownSource: Tiny Heart Tattoo On Foot

11 Musical Heart

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12 Itty Bitty Stars

Itty Bitty StarsSource: Unique Star Tattoos

13 Cute Little Anchor

Cute Little AnchorSource: foot Tattoologist Page 13

14 Spiral Design

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15 Make a Wish

Make a WishSource: 75 Hottest Birds Tattoos

16 Tiny Swimming Stingray

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17 A Rain Cloud is a Fun Idea

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18 A Mountain Range

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19 On the Back of Your Ankles

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20 Little Blue Lizard

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21 Friendly Elephant Friend

Friendly Elephant FriendSource: Tattoo blog

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