Awe-Inspiring Short Girl Fashion Ideas to Stay Stylish when You're Petite ...


Awe-Inspiring Short Girl Fashion Ideas to Stay Stylish when You're Petite ...
Awe-Inspiring Short Girl Fashion Ideas to Stay Stylish when You're Petite ...

IMHO, petite women always looks so feminine and adorable, but I do hear my shorter best friend always complain about how sometimes it is challenging to put together stylish looks which flatter her feminine petite frame. Luckily for my BFF and all the beautiful short ladies out there, this amazing Instagrammer @arushikhosla is totally nailing it in dressing stylishly for a petite body type - I personally can not look away and totally want to steel her looks myself! See for yourself!

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I'm legitimately super tiny these outfits are adorable!

wow, these are awesome tips!

Thanks !

What's her IG

I'm not short but I love the outfits 😂❤️👌🏼

Who is that model?

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