All You Need to do to Make Your Eyes Look Wide Awake ...

By Eliza

All You Need to do to Make Your Eyes Look Wide Awake ...

Even if you didn’t get enough sleep last night (or for several nights in a row), there is no reason to think you have to be stuck looking worn out and droopy. You can do lots of things that will make your eyes look wide awake so that no one knows that you burned the midnight oil far too long last night. When you need some help looking wide awake, try one of these easy tips to help you out.

1 Swap Your Black Mascara for a Blue Tinted One Instead

Blue products help counteract dullness so wearing blue mascara can help you look wide awake. Making the simple switch from black or brown mascara to a blue one is super easy to do and can do wonders for your look without any extra effort or time. You can find great blue mascara at any drugstore, so what are you waiting for? Try it today!

2 Use a Peach Colored Concealer in the Inner Corners of Your Underyes

When the skin under your eyes is dark due to fatigue, you can trick people into thinking you got plenty of sleep last night. Smooth a tiny dab of a peachy pink concealer into the inner corners of the area under your eyes. This will help hide dark shadows and help you look wide awake and bright eyed.

3 Exfoliate when You Wake up

Experts say that a quick exfoliation in the morning can get rid of all the dry, dead skin that’s clogging up your pores. Use a gentle scrub, in circular motions all over your face, but pay some attention to the area under your eyes too. This help you look fresh and glowing when you get up so that you can look bright eyed and bushy tailed.

4 Try Adding a BB Cream to Your Routine

BB creams work in many ways, including as a concealer, primer, tint and moisturizer. It can serve many purposes, including brightening the skin around your eyes and hiding blemishes and dark circles. It’s easy to use a BB cream so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t give one a try. You’ll be so glad you did.

5 Slather on an Eye Cream That Contains Caffeine

Caffeine is probably your first defense for waking up your body and mind when you roll out of bed in the morning, right? Turns out that topical caffeine can wake up your skin in much the same way. Use an eye cream that contains the ingredient and it will plump sallow skin and wake up your eyes so that you look like you slept eight hours, even when you didn’t.

6 It’s as Simple as Curling Your Lashes

If you have never curled your lashes before, now is the time to start doing just that. This simple step helps open up your eyes and give you the wide awake look you crave. Pinch your lashes between the curler twice, once at the lash line and once closer to the ends. Then apply a couple of coats of mascara and you’re good to go.

7 Go with Bright, Bold Lips as a Distraction

Still looking a little sleepy? Try wearing a bright, bold color on your lips. This draws the attention away from your tired eyes and puts it on your lovely kisser. Use a color that enhances your complexion and top it with a bit of sheer gloss to give you the most perfect shine.

How do you look wide awake after a late night? Think you’ll try any of these tips?

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I love ur posts so much how can i post something like this. Any tips on doing that

@monie you could use a darker peach shade. I have a very dark medium tone. I found out if it is a few shades lighter the concealer usually works:)

If I were to put peach eye concealer in the inner corners of my eyes I'd look dumb. I'm African American please make all your posts "race friendly".

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