7 Amazing Beauty Magazines You Must Subscribe to ...


7 Amazing Beauty Magazines You Must Subscribe to ...
7 Amazing Beauty Magazines You Must Subscribe to ...

Beauty Magazines might be a slight obsession of mine! I have stacks of magazines I just can’t seem to throw away. My favorite thing about magazines is the beauty advice and amazing makeup looks they feature. As a makeup artist and esthetician I’m constantly looking for new beauty and makeup tips and beauty magazines are a great source of information!

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New Beauty

New Beauty is a beauty magazine that covers topics from makeup to skin care to cosmetic surgeries. It provides information on the newest technologies as well as tried and true products and treatments. It’s only published 4 times a year, but it’s a large beauty magazine so you will need plenty of time to read it thoroughly!



Allure Magazine calls itself "the beauty expert" and I’ll have to agree that this beauty magazine offers up lots of expert beauty advice! Allure covers new trends in hair and makeup looks as well as skin and hair care advice. This beauty magazine features new products and gives how to information to keep you informed on the latest beauty buzz.



Nylon Magazine is for edgy girls with a non-traditional style and features beauty tips to go along with this look! This beauty magazine features fun and unique beauty ideas, products, and looks and is a great source of inspiration. Each issue of the magazine highlights several new beauty products with a great review on each of them. It’s definitely a must read!



This beauty magazine covers all thing glamorous! I love that their website focuses on celebrity beauty trends and how to achieve them at home. They provide makeup how-to articles and even give advice on great drugstore brands instead of focusing solely on expensive beauty products.



Zink magazine features pages of gorgeous photos with outrageous makeup looks that are so fun to see! On a more practical note though, this beauty magazine also highlights new and popular beauty products. They also review spas regularly in the magazine and on the website, which is a great resource for spa goers!



We all know that Vogue is the go-to magazine for all things fashion, but it’s also a great place to find out about current beauty trends. Vogue features the latest runway looks and popular celebrity looks. This beauty magazine will keep you on trend with the latest makeup looks and beauty treatments.



Elle Magazine’s website is a great source for makeup tutorials with easy step-by-step guides. I love the slideshows they compile to show you the latest beauty trends in makeup, hair, and skin. This beauty magazine doesn’t just throw products at you, they actually tell you how to use them and why you should!

Beauty magazines are a great resource for information on all things beauty. They provide product reviews, trend reports, and how-to guides. These top beauty magazines will help you be absolutely beautiful every day! What is your go-to beauty magazine?

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I absolutely love Vogue!

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