Amazing Benefits of Rice Water All Pretty Instagrammers Are Addicted to ...

By Eliza

Amazing Benefits of Rice Water All Pretty Instagrammers Are Addicted to ...

Rice is a staple food in many countries, but it has more benefits than just what it can do for your body when you eat it. The water you cook your rice in has mega benefits for your skin and hair so instead of tossing it out, save it. If you ever wanted a super easy DIY beauty product, rice water is definitely what you've been looking for. Here are all the reasons why any girl should be adding rice water to her routine.

1 It Contains Important Nutrients

When you eat rice, you get some of these nutrients for your body, but used topically, you can really boost the benefits to your hair and skin. Rice contains vitamins B, C and E, all of which your skin and hair rely on to stay fresh, young and healthy. Rice water also contains amino acids, which are the basic building blocks of your entire body.

2 It Makes Hair Soft and Strong

We all want luxurious hair that is shiny, long, and that can withstand anything you throw its way. All the protein in rice water works to infuse each strand, ensuring that your hair shaft is healthy. The rice water also helps to fill in cracks in your strands, leaving them smoother and healthier. Finally, rice water encourages hair growth so you can have the long mane you really want.

3 Improves Your Overall Complexion

A lovely even skin complexion is great becasue it keeps your skin looking youthful and healthy. The rice water helps flush toxins from your skin, reduce inflammation and leave your skin with more elasticity and an even tone. Massage rice water into your skin in circular motions for the best results.

4 Soothe Your Irritated Skin

Skin can become irritated for any number of reasons, but when it happens, you just want to make it go away. Next time the itching and redness is getting you down, try applying cotton balls soaked in rice water to the area. It works by fighting inflammation and repairing your skin barrier so it can fight off irritants in the future.

5 Tighten Your Skin's Pores

Open pores are more susceptible to blockages, which can lead to acne and blackheads. By tightening your pores, you can keep them clear of the debris and bacteria that leads to breakouts. Rice water is a natural astringent so it helps tone your skin and tighten the surface of it too. Simply dab your face with a cotton ball soaked in rice water and get ready for some great results.

6 Gets Rid of Frizzy Hair

I have curls so I deal with frizz on a pretty regular basis so I was pretty excited to discover that rice water can help. The protein helps to remove tangles and reduces friction that can lead to frizz. Use rice water on your hair as a rinse a couple of times each week for the best benefits.

7 Soften Your Skin Naturally

The protein that rice water contains helps nourish your skin and adds moisture back to it, leaving it fresh and lovely. It also helps prevent future water loss so that your skin looks young and plumped up all the time. The rice water also contains powerful antioxidants that can ward off the signs of aging and protect your skin from free radical and sun damage.

Are you dying to try rice water on your hair and skin? Which benefit are you most looking forward to?

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