7 Amazing Eco-Friendly Beauty Tips ...

Eliza Martinez

7 Amazing Eco-Friendly Beauty Tips ...

I’ve been trying to find some eco-friendly beauty tips because I want to take care of the environment and do what I can to protect it for my kids. I think we all feel that way, right? It’s much easier said than done in many cases though. Don’t give up yet! There are plenty of eco-friendly beauty tips that you can use without having to put in a ton of extra time and effort. What could be better than looking gorgeous and protecting the world around you? Not much, if you ask me.

1 Recycle

So much of the packaging that your beauty products come in are recyclable. By tossing them in the recycling bin when you’re done instead of the garbage can, you can do a lot to keep the landfills unclogged as well as contributing materials that can be reused for another purpose. If that’s not one of the easiest eco-friendly beauty tips, I’m not sure what is.

2 Look for Green Products

I’m not talking about the color or the labels. Green beauty products are those made with the environment in mind. Whether that means minimal packaging or eco-conscious production practices, you can feel good about choosing green items when you shop. Experts recommend looking for products that aren’t loaded with a long list of ingredients as well as those that are certified organic.

3 Take a Shorter Shower

It takes energy to heat all the water you use for your shower, not to mention all that water running down the drain. I’m a huge fan of relaxing in a warm shower, but if you cut back on the amount of time you stand there, you’ll still look beautiful and will be taking an easy step to conserve resources. Plus, you’ll have a few more minutes for reading AWS.

4 Look for Recycled Beauty Tools

Some companies make use of recycled materials when they package and produce their beauty products. Those are great options. However, you can also find the implements you need for your beauty routine that are green. Look for make-up brushes, hair brushes, false eyelashes and much more that are green. They might not be as easy to find as others, but you’ll be glad you put in the effort to hunt them down.

5 Buy Reusable Products

Those face wipes sure are convenient for when you want to hit the sack but don’t want to take the time for a full on face wash. However, all those cloths go into the garbage, which means they are sitting in landfills somewhere until they break down. Instead of using disposable beauty products, opt for those you can reuse many times. Try washcloths instead. Refillable razors are another good choice.

6 Buy Large Refills

You might wonder how a larger bottle is better for the environment. The truth is that one large bottle uses far less energy and materials than a couple of the smaller ones. Instead of buying your standard sized shampoo, for example, grab the huge refill and squirt it into the old bottle. You can do a couple of refills that way, cutting down on the amount of packaging you’re throwing away. Easy, right?

7 Join an Incentives Program

Many eco-conscious beauty product manufacturers have started programs to encourage their buyers to return the bottles and tubes to the store instead of throwing them in the trash. Kiehl’s, MAC and Origins are a few that have such a program. When you bring in a certain number of empty bottles, you get a reward, such as a free product. What could be better than free beauty products?

Are you eco-conscious? What steps in your beauty routine do you hope to change for the betterment of the environment?