7 Amazing Uses for Aloe Vera You Won't Want to Miss out on ...


7 Amazing Uses for Aloe Vera You Won't Want to Miss out on ...
7 Amazing Uses for Aloe Vera You Won't Want to Miss out on ...

There are so many uses for aloe vera, it’s ridiculous! If you’re not already hip to this healing plant, let me give you all the details! Aloe vera might look like just a plain old household plant, but open it up and you’ll find that the aloe vera plant beholds many benefits for our skin and bodies. If you’re curious to find out all the amazing uses for aloe vera, keep on reading!

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One of the most popular uses for aloe vera is to use it to treat burns. The next time you have an accident in the kitchen or you stayed out in the sun too long, rub the inside of the aloe vera leaf onto the affected area to soothe your skin. It also works wonderfully for sunburns, razor burns or if you just want to calm irritated skin. Aloe contains anti-inflammatory and cooling properties that’ll help calm and replenish moisture in your skin!


Shaving Gel

If you’ve ever opened up the inside of an aloe vera leaf, you probably know it has a gel-like consistency. This consistency makes for the perfect all-natural shaving gel! As previously mentioned, aloe vera is anti-inflammatory and hydrating, so you can use it on the legs or face to get a close, comfortable shave! Give it a try and see for yourself!


Eye Makeup Remover

Using this sensational succulent as an eye makeup remover might one of the odder aloe vera benefits, but it really works! You can use aloe vera to remove face and eye makeup gently and effectively by applying the gel to a cotton ball and gently applying to the desired area. This makes a mild, moisturizing makeup remover that’s made by nature!



Knowing that increasing the skin’s moisture content is one of the top aloe vera benefits, it makes perfect sense to use it as a face or body moisturizer! Aloe vera absorbs quickly, feels awesome and best of all, you know there are no mystery ingredients lurking in this moisturizer! It’s also said to be great oil-free hydrator for acne-prone skin since it contains many vitamins and enzymes already in acne-prone moisturizers!


Hair Conditioner

The aloe vera benefits don’t just stop at our skin, it makes a splendid hair conditioner, too! Grab an aloe vera leaf, slice it open and apply the gel to your scalp. Next, apply your regular hair conditioner, rinse and you’ll be left with a soft, nourished scalp and hair! It also works great to reduce frizz in hair before you start to blow dry!


Hair Growth

Another one of the uses for aloe vera is to use to promote hair growth. All you have to do is massage the gel into your scalp for up to 30 minutes and rinse. Aloe vera can help unclog hair follicles while could be preventing the absorption of nutrients, balance the pH levels and help hair retain moisture. The Egyptians reportedly used aloe vera for healthy hair growth, also!


Oral Health

We’ve got our skin and hair covered, but what about our smile? Aloe vera has that covered, too! It has been noted to naturally fight bad breath, tooth decay and gum disease. If you’re looking for a more natural alternative to oral health care, talk to your dentist about trying aloe vera tooth gel! For a list of certified aloe products from The International Aloe Science Council, check this page, iasc.org.

I was certainly impressed with the varied uses for aloe vera! I never knew that one plant could do so many things! Remember that you always want to use pure aloe vera and not a store-bought gel unless it’s 100% pure. What are you some of your favorite ways to use aloe vera?

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Where can you buy 100% pure aloe Vera

Never new this before! I'm gonna try this! Thanks!

Nice tips I have to try some

Great information! I'm going to buy some today!

Aloe Vera is always good I used it on my face really clears skin and also tried it on my hair it's making a difference...!

I'll try..

It grows hair really quickly so it can also be used for bald spots.

Also great on acne scabs!

Wow great to know...can we use any aloe vera plant gel on our head and skin..or theres some particular aloe vera plant..?

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