7 Awesome anti-aging Tips That Just Take Minutes ...

If you're looking in the mirror and noticing that Old Father Time seems to be working his magic, there are some awesome anti-aging tips that take just minutes and don't involve a trip to the plastic surgeon. As we get older, it's inevitable that the lines will start to give away our age but there are some simple things that can halt the hands of time, just take minutes and don't cost the earth. So here are my top anti-aging tips that you will easily be able to incorporate into your lifestyle.

1. Lovely Locks

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Frizz can add years to your look and it screams anything but youth and vitality. Constant blow drying, coloring, straightening and exposure to the elements can take its toll on your marvelous mane over the years, so make sure you treat yourself to intensive moisture treatments regularly to inject that shine and moisture back into your locks. Invest in a good serum too, to add that just-walked-out-of-the-salon and feeling fabulous look. Also, speak to your hairdresser about adopting a more youthful hairstyle if you feel as though it may be aging you. For example, for a sweet and girly look a la Cameron Diaz, go for side-swept bangs with soft and rounded ends and if you have fair skin, avoid a dark and monotone color which can look harsh and lacks dimension. This is one of my favorite anti-aging tips.

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