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8 Awesome Tips for Kissable Lips ...

By Alison

Tips for kissable lips are just what we all need at this time of year! Lips have no natural lubrication, which is why they tend to get so dry and chapped. We don’t want lips like that, so need to look after them in order to keep them soft and looking good. Here are some tips for kissable lips that'll keep your lips soft and not dry all winter long!

1 Remove Dry Skin

This is one of the most important tips for kissable lips. Dry and flaky lips really isn’t a good look, is it? Besides, nobody wants to kiss peeling lips (ugh). So start your lip care routine by getting rid of the dry skin. A good method is to use a soft, dry toothbrush to gently scrub your lips. This will peel away the dead skin without being too harsh.

2 Moisturize

Since lips lack the natural lubrication of the skin, in order to keep them soft you need to moisturize them. Use a simple cream: just a tiny amount will be enough to keep them soft. This is especially important when there are cold winds in winter. Cream is much more effective than balms, which may protect the lips from the cold, but don’t actually moisturize them.

3 No Licking Your Lips

Do you find yourself licking your lips a lot? The problem with doing this is that it dries them out, and so you lick them again … and the cycle continues. Many women use lip balm to try to avoid their lips drying out, but as I've already noted, that is not as effective as moisturizer If you do use lip balms, avoid the flavored variety, as that makes it more likely that you will lick your lips.

4 Sun Protection

Lips are one of the overlooked areas when using protection against the sun. However it’s important to keep them covered! There are a variety of products available in stick form that can be used to protect your lips – don’t forget to reapply it regularly.

5 Homemade Remedies

If you prefer natural products, making your own lip balms and soothing creams is a great idea. By doing so, you can be sure that you are only putting pure ingredients on your lips. Homemade products will also be much less harsh than some manufactured products can be.

6 Products

You can look after your lips with one of the many products specially designed to care for them, from anti-aging serums to sun protection and of course the simple lip balm. Whatever you choose, read the ingredients carefully; avoid any that contain alcohol or acids, as these ingredients are drying.

7 Stop Bad Habits

As well as licking your lips, other bad habits include picking off dead skin and biting your lips. All of these will lead to sore and irritated lips. To improve or maintain the condition of your lips, you must learn to break these habits. Instead of picking at your lips, try the tips mentioned above, like brushing off the dead skin and moisturizing your lips.

8 Moisturizing Lipstick

If you like wearing lipstick, then a good way to keep your lips soft is to choose a moisturizing lipstick. An additional advantage of using lipstick is that if you are wearing it you will be less inclined to lick your lips. So it gives you two ways to stop your lips from drying out.

Dry, chapped lips are a pain in winter, but if you follow these tips you can help keep your lips lovely and soft! Not only will you be happy, but your guy will love kissing them (he won’t if they’re dry and peeling!). With a little care, you can keep your lips looking gorgeous, whatever the weather. What do you swear by to keep your lips in great condition – is there a product or tip you would recommend?

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