7 Awesome Tips for Looking Good While Camping ...

Feeling glamorous and camping doesn’t exactly go in the same sentence, but here are some tips for looking good while camping. Embrace Mother Nature and the time you have with your family and friends and just let go. Forget all those clothes back home and that red Chanel lipstick you haven’t been able to part with. These are my top tips for looking good while camping (which I will use this weekend).

1. Wear Light Clothing

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Since you will be camping and probably hiking a lot, this is one of the best tips for looking good while camping. Avoid fussy clothing while you are going to be trekking it in the woods. No one wants to be throwing on a bar dress for a campfire, and no one wants to see you do that! Check weather reports and plan your clothing accordingly. Bring lots of cute baggy tank tops and t-shirts.

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