7 Awesome Websites to Buy Beauty Products from ...

By Heather

7 Awesome Websites to Buy Beauty Products from ...

Buying beauty products can be incredibly pricey unless you use these websites to buy beauty products from, which will save you tons of dollars over time. Online shopping is incredibly trendy, easy, and cost efficient. Most often, items can be bought in a larger size for the same price as average sizes offered in stores. There are certain websites to buy beauty products that are better than others. Check out my favorite ones so you can save money and stay your beautiful self too!

1 IHerb.com

iHerb is hands down my favorite website to buy beauty products from. I buy all my makeup here and save so much money, not to mention my toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner, coconut oil, soap and more. The company offers many organic and non-organic beauty items, and offers a huge selection of popular brands you find in stores at a much cheaper rate. Even better, free shipping is offered on orders over $40 and iHerb is the best company for fast shipping I’ve found to date. Usually orders arrive within 2 days since all their shipping methods are expedited. A referral program is also offered, which means by promoting your referral code, you can end up earning dollars to spend for yourself and give someone a discount off their first order. In fact, if you’d like to make your first purchase, you can use my code TEZ763 at checkout to save $5 and get free shipping. Aside from referrals though, I appreciate iHerb’s fast shipping combined with quality brands offered.

2 Vitacost.com

My second favorite website to buy beauty products from is Vitacost. Vitacost is great about updating their database with new items, and most all items are slightly cheaper here than anywhere else or comparable. Vitacost also offers frequent discounts, but their shipping can be a bit slower. Vitacost offers a great referral program as well, which can earn you some free goodies by promoting it to your friends.

3 Amazon.com

Amazon is a great website to buy beauty products from. Many popular brands are offered online as well as exclusive brands you won’t find in stores. Even though the price may not be cheaper, many times you can buy products in bulk or at least score free shipping. I like buying beauty products online at Amazon because they offer many unique brands I never find in stores.

4 Drugstore.com

Drugstore.com is a fabulous website to buy your beauty products from. Picture a gigantic drugstore/superstore, and that’s what you get with this website! The bonus is you don’t have to sift through tons of store offerings. Just search what you want and let Drugstore.com find it for you! I’ll take that over standing in line at the corner drugstore, what about you? Also prices are much cheaper at Drugstore.com than in stores and many brands and varieties are offered that you won’t find elsewhere.

5 Swanson Health Products

I’ve been a fan of Swanson Vitamins and Health Products for years. They aren’t just a great place to buy your vitamins, but also your beauty products! I can attest that Swanson’s name brand variety is absolutely just as effective as buying name brands, so feel free to buy their generic offerings to save even more money. I won’t tell if you won’t! Plus, Swanson offers great shipping rates too, which is a major bonus for saving money.

6 Sephora

Alright, girls, if you’re a Sephora fan but there’s not a store near you, have no fear! You can buy all your favorite Sephora products online and save money on transportation. You can even earn free shipping. I don’t live near a Sephora, but love the brand, so shopping online brings the store’s awesome products straight to my door.

7 Overstock.com

Overstock.com is a popular website for saving money on name brand items and their beauty department doesn’t disappoint. Express shipping is also available on all orders, meaning you don’t have to wait forever to get your beauty goods. Most name brand items are cheaper online and discontinued items can also be found here, which is great for when they quit making your favorite blush shade in stores.

Do you buy beauty products online? I want to hear where you get your favorite stuff from!

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