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Fearless Ladies Need to Check out These Gorgeous Backbone Tattoos ...

By Eliza

It's true that a tattoo close to the bone is a bit more painful than one that's on a fleshier part of your body. However, a backbone tattoo is lovely and super feminine and you are going to love how it looks on you. If you're considering some ink, check out how awesome a backbone tattoo can be.

1 Snowflake Mandala

2 Phases of the Moon


7 Variations on the Classic Bob ...

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3 Blooming Flower

4 A Little Bit Nautical

5 Lacy Floral Pattern

6 Watercolor Flowers

7 Something Symbolic

8 Putting down Roots

9 Love is Patient

10 Chinese Characters

11 Pointing the Way

12 Wild Animals

13 Small and Simple

14 Sun and Moon

15 Bones of the Spine

16 Pretty Rose

17 Really Pretty Design

Which one is your favorite?

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