7 Bad Beauty Habits That Could Cost You Your Job ...


7 Bad Beauty Habits That Could Cost You Your Job ...
7 Bad Beauty Habits That Could Cost You Your Job ...

We’re all guilty of having some bad beauty habits but what about some of the beauty faux pas we make at work? Depending on where you work, your beauty and personal habits could seriously get you in some hot water with the big dogs and your coworkers. Get all the info on these beauty habits to avoid at work and sidestep these common beauty mistakes!

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Getting Ready at Work

Ok, I hope this isn’t a bad beauty habit of yours, but I admit I’ve been guilty of doing it a few times! We all have mornings where we just don’t have the time to finish putting ourselves together, but you should avoid regularly getting ready at work at all costs! Putting on a full face of makeup or taking off last night’s makeup at your desk looks unprofessional! Keep emergency beauty sessions a minimum and do it discreetly!


Perfume Overkill

Wearing too much perfume is the next beauty habit to avoid at work. Yeah, we like to smell nice and perfume can really lift your spirits but use it sparingly for the sake of others. You can always reapply later in the day to freshen up but if you apply too much at the beginning of the day, you can give everyone headaches or aggravate a coworker's allergies! Walk into a bathroom stall or other secluded room and if your scent is still strong, you’re wearing too much! Grab a paper towel, wet it and wipe the areas you applied perfume as a quick fix.


Playing around

Bad beauty habits aren’t just about beauty products but also personal habits. Do you have a habit of twirling or playing with your hair? Do you have a habit of biting your nails? Both of these are things that can communicate to others (like our bosses) that we’re bored, unsure of ourselves or nervous. Sometimes we do these things without even knowing, so do things to prevent yourself from indulging in these habits-wear your hair back and paint your nails or use a bitter nail biting polish!


Dramatic Makeup

Opposite of the bad beauty habit of getting ready at work is arriving to work with tons of makeup on. We all like to experiment with different makeup looks but going too heavy on the makeup can make you look unprofessional, immature and it can be distracting as well. Unless your office encourages bold makeup, stay on the safe side and keep makeup simple.


Getting Nailed

These bad beauty habits also include your fingernails. If your office is more on the conservative side, you’re going to want to skip the super long talons or crazy 3D nail art. It’s never a good idea to have nails so long or so embellished that it slows down your work. So, keep your nails on the neutral side during the work week and feel free to go nuts with your nails outside of work!


Looking Sloppy

A beauty habit to avoid is going to work looking sloppy and unkept. I’m not talking about walking in with less than perfect hair. If you’re personal hygiene isn’t up to par and your appearance shows it, you’ll need to step it up. Remember that you’re working in close quarters with people and skipping showers or not grooming can come off like you don’t care or that you’re lazy.


Hair Scare

One of the bad beauty habits to avoid at work is doing your hair. If styling your hair usually takes multiple hair products and styling tools, this is a definite no-no! Hair products, like perfumes, can irritate others and doing your hair at work with flat irons and such doesn’t look good. If you don’t have enough time to finish styling your hair before you get to work, tie it back or put it up in a bun instead of pulling out your portable beauty salon!


Mobile Grooming

The final bad beauty habit that we must avoid doing at work is grooming ourselves. What would you think if you saw someone plucking their eyebrows or popping zits in their cubicle? We can do quick touch-ups but if you break out your blemish extractors or give yourself a mani at work, it’s definitely going to raise some eyebrow and not in a good way!

We all have crazy days where we might arrive at work not so prepared, but it’s important to avoid partaking in these bad beauty habits at work. These bad beauty habits can hinder us from moving ahead in our positions or get us in trouble with our coworkers! Aside from beauty emergencies, let’s do our best to take care of ourselves outside of office time! Are you guilty of doing any of these bad beauty habits?

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