7 Bad Beauty Habits That Sabotage Your Beauty Routine ...


7 Bad Beauty Habits That Sabotage Your Beauty Routine ...
7 Bad Beauty Habits That Sabotage Your Beauty Routine ...

In our go, go, go world, it’s all too easy to forsake good judgment and good hygiene with bad beauty habits. It’s certainly not intentional. But in our best efforts to look bright-eyed and fresh-faced, we may very well be sabotaging the very routine meant to enhance our appearance. So examine your daily beauty dos and don’ts and ask yourself if you're guilty of some bad beauty habits.

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Haphazardly Plucking Eyebrows

Haphazardly Plucking Eyebrows In the quest for groomed brows, often times those tweezers become enemy number one. If you must pluck rogue hairs, do so in adequate lighting with a magnifying mirror for more accuracy. But remember, when it comes to plucking, less is more. Grab each hair individually to avoid making a mistake, or worse, causing a painful inflammation. And if you’re really concerned that over-plucking is one of your bad beauty habits, perhaps it’s best to leave those brows for the professionals.


Beautifying Your Blemishes

All girls seek to minimize blemishes with makeup. But if you’re piling on coverup in hopes of hiding a pimple, you’re only exacerbating the problem. Instead of focusing on the cover up, treat the problem area with topical medications, warm compresses and keep it clean to prevent further skin damage. One barely noticeable blemish is better than a face full of problem pimples due to overzealous makeup application.


Day-Old Eye Makeup

Day-Old Eye Makeup Washing your face before bedtime is a given for any beauty routine. But girls, you know a facial cleanser isn’t going to cut it for that liquid eyeliner. Removing your eye makeup is not only important to prevent raccoon eyes in the a m, but is a crucial step for the care of your vision and eye health. Makeup that creeps into your corneas can cause serious infections, especially when it’s not properly removed on the daily basis. Even when it’s been a long night and you’re ready to drop, take 60 seconds and put a bit of eye makeup remover on a cotton ball and gently take off that old liner, shadow and mascara.


Keeping Cosmetics past Their Prime

While it’s lovely to be economical when it comes to your beauty budget, cosmetics do in fact expire. Take your average blush for example. Unless you’re moonlighting as a clown, you’re likely not to finish a blush compact in under a year. That same logic may also apply to lip gloss, concealers and mascaras, depending on how often you apply them. But that doesn’t mean that you should keep these long-held cosmetics indefinitely. If your mascaras or liquid eyeliners have gotten dry or have developed an odor, it’s time to give them a heave. Don’t let bacteria invade your beauty routine.


Brushing Wet Hair

Brushing Wet Hair When you step out of the shower and are ready to detangle your tresses, do not reach for the hair brush. Wet hair is less pliable and easily split, broken or ripped right from the scalp. Instead of using bristled brushes that pull on your wet strands, use a wide-toothed plastic comb and take your time to gently attend to any tangles. You might even consider a leave-in detangling spray that can condition your hair while you comb.



Dehydration Put down the latte or energy drink and grab a tall glass of water instead. While the importance of adequate hydration is known for the mind and body, few women may consider their beauty regimen as reaping any significant benefits. But if you consider the science, you’d be surprised. Our skin is the largest organ, so it too needs those 8 glasses of water daily. While some medical experts wonder if water truly aids hair growth or acne prevention, it certainly couldn’t hurt. And if you consider replacing your colas and other caffeinated beverages with more water, you’ll certainly see some improvement in the tone and texture of your skin over time.


Sleep Deprivation

While hectic schedules can threaten those 8 hours dedicated to peaceful slumber, medical research actually proves that long term sleep deprivation can be detrimental to our appearance. Chronic sleepiness can cause dark circles that won’t fade, premature wrinkles, dull skin and weak hair follicles. Sleep is as important to our beauty routine as it is for our mind and body’s health. According to WebMD.com, “When you don’t get enough sleep, your body releases more of the stress hormone cortisol. In excess amounts, cortisol can break down skin collagen, the protein that keeps skin smooth and elastic.” Dark circles and drab hair? Now that’s some sleepless beauty sabotage.

It seems that we girls are always looking for the miracle cure for our hair, skin and nails. But a lot of the problems in our beauty routine can actually be solved by avoiding self-sabotage. With a little extra time and precision in the beauty routine, we can prevent illness, injury or adverse effects of long term beauty abuse. What bad habit beauty blunders do you work to avoid?

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