7 Bad Beauty Habits That Sabotage Your Beauty Routine ...

In our go, go, go world, it’s all too easy to forsake good judgment and good hygiene with bad beauty habits. It’s certainly not intentional. But in our best efforts to look bright-eyed and fresh-faced, we may very well be sabotaging the very routine meant to enhance our appearance. So examine your daily beauty dos and don’ts and ask yourself if you're guilty of some bad beauty habits.

1. Haphazardly Plucking Eyebrows

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In the quest for groomed brows, often times those tweezers become enemy number one. If you must pluck rogue hairs, do so in adequate lighting with a magnifying mirror for more accuracy. But remember, when it comes to plucking, less is more. Grab each hair individually to avoid making a mistake, or worse, causing a painful inflammation. And if you’re really concerned that over-plucking is one of your bad beauty habits, perhaps it’s best to leave those brows for the professionals.

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