10 Badass Quotes to Give Your Self-Esteem a Major Boost ...

By Eliza

10 Badass Quotes  to Give Your Self-Esteem a Major Boost ...

Some days your self-esteem takes a hit and it can be tough to end the day on a good note. What you need are some boosting quotes scattered around your house and office so that you can improve your mood quickly and easily. There are tons of quotes out there to boost your self-esteem, but these are some of the best. Print them out and put them in a prominent place. You’ll always feel great when you have these close by.

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1 “No One Can Make You Inferior without Your Consent”

This famous quote spoken by Eleanor Roosevelt is one that can always give you a pick-me-up. When you’re feeling down about yourself, it’s easy to have a pity party and let it wreck your day. Instead of doing that, repeat this mantra to yourself and include yourself in the “no one.” Don’t make yourself feel inferior and don’t let anyone else do it either.

2 “Take Care How You Speak to Yourself Because You Are Listening”

Think about how you talk to yourself. Would you ever do the same to someone you loved? Then you shouldn’t be doing it to yourself either. When you speak to yourself, use the same care and caution you would use when talking to your sister or your bestie. If you wouldn’t say it to them, don’t say it to yourself either. You can do that, right?

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3 “Wanting to Be Someone else is a Waste of the Person You Are”

This epic quote from Marilyn Monroe is one you should never forget. You are unique and have a lot to offer the world, even on the days when you feel your worst. It can definitely be hard to remember that when you mess up or don’t get what you’ve been wanting. Try to go easy on who you are and don’t feel like a failure when it happens.

4 “Don’t Let What You Can’t do Stop You from What You Can do”

No one is perfect and no one can do everything perfectly. Instead of letting what you aren’t good at ruin your days and make you feel bad about yourself, start focusing on what you are good at. It’s really hard to feel crappy when you’re getting it done and doing it well. So from now on, skip the stuff you suck at and rock the stuff you excel at. You’ll feel so much better!

5 “Courage + Self-Esteem = Confidence”

Having the confidence to overcome low self-esteem takes extreme courage (as any junior high girl can tell you). It’s hard to do your own thing and foster yourself when you worry about what everyone else thinks of you. So instead of going back to the halls of middle school and agonizing over what others think, forget them and live your fabulous life the way you want to live it.

6 “Don’t Let Anyone Ever Dull Your Sparkle”

When you feel down in the dumps and are being hard on yourself, it’s hard to shine. You never want to dull the glitter within so make sure you don’t let anyone keep you from sparkling every day. After all, everything is better with some glitter, right?

7 “You Are Good Enough”

I think this quote sums it up pretty well. No matter who you are or what you’ve achieved in this lifetime, you are good enough. Chances are that you are being harder on yourself than other people would be so it’s time to give yourself a break. You’ll always be good enough!


One of the reasons why some women don't sparkle as much as they should is because they accept less than they deserve. If you're not 100% happy, move on and find something and/or someone that makes you feel like the queen you are.


You could buy the most stunning dress, shoes to match and have a face beautifully decorated with makeup but if you don't feel comfortable, you won't feel confident - and that is such a waste of time. Buy the outfit that makes you feel good, surround yourself with people that lift you up and don't for a single second doubt who you are - confidence is so sexy!


And lastly, drown out the haters! Don't stop yourself from doing things that you want because you're afraid of what people may think. Don't lessen your shine to avoid being talked about - you SHOULD be talked about because you're amazing! New life motto? Too glam to give a damn!

Which of these quotes is your favourite? Which quote would you add?

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Sometimes we are our own worst enemy. AWESOME ARTICLE, thanks

I love all these quotes

quitters never win...winners never quit.

I love all the quotes that were said. I'm going to make a black board and post all those quotes up and follow them.

"Your more powerful than you think and they fear the day you realize it"

You are more powerful than you know and they fear the day you realize it!

love your self first before you can love others and acceptance for your own self as well as others own self

No one can make you inferior without your consent. That quote is so powerful! I love them all but the first one resonated with me

@Mel by not giving them the power, time heals everything- confront them for your sake and re evaluate your self confidence. Surround yourself by people you love and trust and try affirmations - remember you are so much more powerful than negativity💛


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