Basic Makeup Routine for Everyday Life ...

By Alexa

Basic  Makeup  Routine  for Everyday Life  ...

Every girl needs a basic makeup routine for every day. We’ve all seen downright gorgeous winged eyeliner, strobe lighting, and other on fleek makeup looks while scrolling through our Instagram feeds late at night. But when contouring becomes as complex as solving a Rubik's cube, it’s hard to find a quick, easy routine when it comes to looking good every day. So here’s a basic makeup routine for every day.

Table of contents:

  1. clean and lightly moisturize your face
  2. prime up
  3. concealer
  4. foundation
  5. eyeshadow
  6. mascara
  7. blush
  8. lips (liquid matte lipstick)
  9. setting spray

1 Clean and Lightly Moisturize Your Face

This is definitely a good first step in your basic makeup routine for every day. Before even reaching for that brush, it’s important to clean and moisturize your face. Why? Well without it, it’ll likely make your face feel really dry and uncomfortable under all that pretty makeup. Quickly clean your face with a splash of water or your handy makeup remover wipes. After, lightly moisturize with any lotion you wish to use, although make sure not to overdo it or your makeup will run.

2 Prime up

The importance of a good makeup primer is really underestimated. It makes sure your makeup applies smoothly and stays in place. Nowadays, you can choose your primers based on what finish you want such as dewy or mattified, and some even have properties that get rid of dark spots.

3 Concealer

Concealer helps hide dark spots, dark circles, and even tattoos for situations when you need full coverage. It’s important to only apply concealer where you actually need it. It’s easy to run out of this, so apply in small amounts. Also, get a concealer that’s slightly lighter than your skin tone.

4 Foundation

This is probably one of the most important parts of your makeup routine. If you’re using liquid foundation, put a bit on a foundation brush or some on your hand if you happen to be using a makeup sponge. If using a powder, just apply with a brush and/or sponge and gently dust off any extra powder.

5 Eyeshadow

For better application, start off with an eye primer. Then simply apply to create your desired look.

6 Mascara

It’s important to save this step until after finishing the foundation step or your beautiful lashes will get all dusty. To prevent staining under the bottom lashes, apply the mascara from left to right with the tip of the brush.

7 Blush

Blush can be kinda tricky because the application technique depends on a person’s face shape and the goal of blush (softening, contouring, highlighting, etc.).

8 Lips (Liquid Matte Lipstick)

Seems very straightforward huh? Well with the explosion in popularity of such lip related phenomenon as liquid matte lipstick, it can be a bit hard not to end up overdoing it. Start off with a lip pencil and trace the outlines of your lips and color them in. Then take your liquid lipstick and color in further. Voila!

9 Setting Spray

Top it all off with a splash of setting spray. This helps your makeup stay in place and helps prevent the humidity from making your makeup melt off. Typically you hold it at half arm’s length away from your face and give it a couple spritzes.

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