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I never paid much attention to my bathroom essentials until I became a full-time working mother (to twins!) and housewife. It's a crazy world out there that demands so much of your time and effort that more often than not, you spend so little time for yourself because you have to spend more hours for others. The day starts in the bathroom for me, so I came up with these seven bathroom essentials every busy woman should have, hoping that I can share something out of this insane experience I call "daily life."

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Shower Gel/Bath Gel

Shower Gel/Bath Gel One of my bathroom essentials is the shower gel (or the bath gel) because I don't use soap. I go to shower gels and bath gels for comfort in my busy, hectic days because they are in liquid form and work wonders with water. Plus they usually come in calming and soothing scents so I get extra uplifting whiffs every time I use them.



Lotion/Moisturizer No matter what happens, do not forget to moisturize your face and body. Being busy is not an excuse not to moisturize your dear skin, so please do your self and your bathroom a favor: stock up on body lotion and facial moisturizers! It doesn't take even a minute to do this.



Hairbrush I have a soft spot for hairbrushes rather than combs because during bad hair days, hairbrushes are kinder to my hair and my scalp. They make it easier for me to fix my hair especially in bringing order to those knots brought about by God-knows-what. It saves me time too as I usually sought help from my trusted hairbrush in pulling my hair to a ponytail, tie it with a secure headbad/rubber band, put on some hair serum and I'm out the door!


Cleansing Wipes

Cleansing Wipes My savior! In between changing diapers and writing reports and going to press conferences, I apply and re-apply make-up to be more presentable to people I meet. In the evenings, when I'm home, I'm just so dead tired that I don't even want to wash my face. "But you have to or you'll get pimples and dry skin," I can hear my mother saying. So I turn to cleansing wipes to do the job.



Mouthwash I am not saying that busy women don't brush their teeth. I am saying that in the most crucial of times, like when you barely have three minutes to get dressed and put yourself together or you'll lose the chance of a once-in-a-lifetime interview for your dream job, don't forget your mouthwash. Confidence, my friends, comes with fresh breath.


Tinted Lip Balms

Tinted Lip Balms I like tinted lip balms because they perform two functions: (1) soothes lips; and (2) colors them. I keep lip balms in my bathroom, in my purse, on my bedside table, in my drawers at office. Why? Because they spell the difference between there-is-effort-to-look-good persona and don't-care-what-you-think-I'm-busy attitude.



Nailcutter Getting my nails done is a luxury these days so my trusted nailcutter has become my best friend. I particularly don't like long nails; they're nuisance to me. I can't type fast with long nails. I like my nails short, clean and no nail polish! Aside from the obvious reason of its existence, the nailcutter help me deal with those loose threads in dresses and removing price tags from a new pair of leggings I just bought recently.

There are several ways to take care of one's self even with all the demands of work and family surrounding us. For me, it all boils down to setting your priorities and working around them. What are your bathroom essentials? Care to share them?

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waste of time.

how about pads or tampons?

some cleansing wiped are really bad for skin. And I mean that!

Seriously?! If you're even a tiny bit hygienic I'm pretty sure you have all if this stuff in your bathroom. Waste of an article!


wow! can this get anymore basic?

Loved the stricken, thanks

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