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7 Beauty Benefits of a Highlighter ...

By Lisa

If you haven’t been turned on to the fabulous benefits of a highlighter, allow me to elucidate the wonders of using this beauty product! Highlighters might seem a little intimidating but there are too many great uses to this shimmery beauty tool to pass it up! Whether you’re a true highlighter devotee or you’re still testing the waters, check out these benefits of a highlighter!

1 Look Younger

While the benefits of a highlighter are many, one of the top reasons to use it is for its ability to add some shimmer and actually help you look younger! Apply a sheer, liquid highlighter on your cheekbones to add dimension and create a youthful glow. The look is subtle yet sexy and can certainly spice up your everyday look!

2 Minimize Dark Circles

Another good reason to use a highlighter is to minimize dark circles under your eyes. Highlighters aren’t meant to conceal imperfections like concealers and shouldn’t be used that way. But they can certainly be used in addition to a concealer to help brighten and perk up other areas of the eye! Try using them in the inner corner or underneath your brow bone, but skip this tip if your eyes are puffy.

3 Plump up Lips

An uncommon yet useful way to use a highlighter is on the lips! Dabbing some of your highlighter on your cupid’s bow will help your lips to appear fuller and larger. You can also achieve the same effect with a shimmery gloss if you don’t have a highlighter or vice versa.

4 Freshen up Your Face

Instantly freshen up your face and add a delicate shimmer to your complexion with highlighter. Although there are many places you can add highlighter, try using it on your cheekbones, forehead or jawline to accentuate your fab features and add some glamour to your perfectly made-up face!

5 Open up Eyes

A simple yet effective way to use a highlighter is to open up and widen eyes. Try blending a pencil highlighter in the inner corner of the eyes or blended on portions of the eyelid to radiate a subtle glow and add dimension. Another popular application area is on the brow bone to accentuate eyes and give you a healthy, radiant look!

6 Look More Awake

Before you rush out the door, let a highlighter be the finishing touch to your look! There are lots of ways makeup can help you look more alert, and a smart way to use a highlighter is use it to wake up your face! Use it on down the bridge of your nose, hairline or the center of your chin to look fresh, lively and ready to take on the world!

7 Beautify Brows

I recently learned that using highlighter around the brows can really emphasize your facial features and give eyebrows a clean look. Celebrity makeup artist Angela Levin suggests using highlighter around the brows after filling them in to give them a clean, defined look. Fellow celeb makeup artist Amy Nadine likes to blend highlighter above the brows to give prominence to your eyes and brows.

Were you aware of these varied uses and benefits for highlighter? I used to think highlighter was reserved for certain looks but this beauty product is so versatile that it’d be a shame to save it for a special occasion! How do you like to use highlighter?

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