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7 Beauty Benefits of Quitting Smoking ...

By Eliza

I’m not here to shame anyone who smokes, but there are loads of beauty benefits of quitting smoking. I know that hearing all the ways tossing your pack will help you can get pretty irritating, especially if you don’t want to quit. However, for all the ladies who are considering taking the plunge, these beauty benefits of quitting smoking might be just what you need to finally toss the cigarettes for good. If you need help quitting, talk to your doctor, who can help you take the appropriate steps to reach your goals. In the meantime, check out these perks and you might not even need that help.

1 Stops Wrinkles

One of the best of the beauty benefits of quitting smoking is wrinkle prevention. No, it won’t stop all wrinkles as many are a natural part of aging. However, smoking can speed the development of wrinkles and deepen some of the ones you already have. This happens in two ways. The first is that the chemicals in cigarettes mess with your skin elasticity. The second is that the repetitive motions involved in smoking creates wrinkles around your mouth and nose.

2 Prevents Sagging

You already know how smoking can affect the skin on your face, but the sad truth is that cigarettes can also cause the skin on your arms and breasts to sag. That’s because the chemicals in your smokes course through your body, causing negative side effects all over. Sure, you can cover those areas up, but you probably won’t like the way they look whether others see them or not.


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3 Improves Certain Skin Conditions

Doctors in Canada report that smokers can exacerbate certain skin conditions if they smoke. People with skin issues as a result of psoriasis, lupus or diabetes might notice an improvement in the symptoms if they toss the cigarettes. If you suffer from skin problems, you might be surprised at how much better they get if you stop smoking.

4 Decreases the Risk of Skin Cancer

Research shows that smoking cigarettes is linked to an increased risk of certain types of skin cancer. There’s nothing beautiful about biopsy scars or crusty sores on your skin, right? Skin cancer can be deadly too, so it pays to quit now. Not to mention that the risk of lung cancer also goes up for people who smoke.

5 Preserves White Teeth

You’ve probably heard that drinking tea, coffee or soda can cause yellowing on your teeth. Well, cigarettes pose the same risk. The nicotine contributes to yellow chompers and can also give you bad breath. Luckily, experts say that once you quit, the damage is fairly easy to erase. Good news, right?

6 Lowers Your Risk of Age Spots

It’s well known that age spots are a result of too much time in the sun without protection. However, research shows that people who smoke are more susceptible to this damage than those who don’t. That’s because the chemicals in cigarettes alters your skin, so it isn’t as healthy and able to combat these issues. You can cover up age spots with make-up, but you’ll feel so much healthier if you keep them at bay in the first place.

7 Stops Mouth Sores and Lost Teeth

Your mouth makes up a big part of your face, which is what most people notice about you first. Well, smoking can lead to tooth loss and sores in and on your mouth. Not only is that going to be uncomfortable, but you aren’t going to like the way it looks.

Are you thinking you might quit? Smokers can still be gorgeous, but for the sake of your health, it pays to toss the cigarettes. How did you quit? Please share your success tips.

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