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7 Beauty Blunders Men Notice Most ...

By Lisa

We’re all guilty of making some mistakes with our makeup and although we meant well, there are some specific beauty blunders that men notice most and it actually turns them off! Avoid making mistakes with your makeup that you might think is hot but makes him want to run the other direction and never look back! Look over this list of beauty blunders men notice most and make sure you’re not unknowingly committing one of these makeup mistakes that men hate!

1 Perfume Overkill

We all like to smell good and feel fresh as a daisy but overdoing it with your new favorite scent is one of the top beauty blunders men notice most but wish they didn’t! I know what it’s like to discover a new perfume that you absolutely love and want to douse yourself with the fragrance all day long but just because we can’t sense the fragrance doesn’t mean others can’t. Spritz yourself sparingly, no more than 3-4 times sprays and spritz behind your ears, wrists and knees and avoid touching-up too often during the day.

2 Foundation Faux Pas

It’s very possible to have too much of a good thing when it comes to makeup and too much foundation and powder is a makeup mistake that men hate! I’ve heard many men comment on how a girl looks like she’s wearing tons of layers of foundation and powder and it’s such a shame because she likely went a little heavy on the powder to make her skin look better! To avoid applying too much of either product, go light on the foundation and remove any obvious excess with a damp sponge and apply powder on the T-zone only or apply a thin layer of powder with a powder puff or brush all over.

3 Lash Backlash

Wearing false lashes can instantly glam up any makeup look but going too dramatic and heavy with the lashes makes for a beauty blunder men notice most. You don’t want your eyelashes to remind anyone of spiders or a creepy doll, you want them to enhance your natural lashes or a little bolder for nights out or special occasions. Choose false lashes that fit your eye shape and choose lashes that aren’t too long or thick and will blend in with your natural lashes but add the length you want!

4 Loud Lips

Lavender, hot pink or super dark lipsticks can be trendy but wearing a lip color that’s too loud and bold is a makeup mistake that turn men off! Super bright or dark lips run the risk of appearing clownish to men and when’ s the last time you heard a guy talk about a hot clown? Keep your lip colors simple and feminine to make them more pleasing to a man’s eye and save the super trendy stuff for girls’ night out or for people who will get it.

5 Brow Beater

Eyebrows can really make or break a look and badly drawn brows are one of the beauty blunders men notice most! Brows that are too dark can look scary and intimidating and too-thin brows can look really harsh and I don’t think any woman strives to look scary or harsh! Strive for a natural look, not too thick, heavily arched or thin. You can always go to a beauty counter for a lesson if you feel like you just can’t master your eyebrows but filling in your eyebrows with a pencil or powder two shades darker you’re your hair with a light hand in short strokes should do the trick!

6 Pasty Profile

One of the top beauty blunders that men can’t stand is a pale face that is much lighter than their neck and body. Although this beauty mistake than turn men off seems easy to prevent, sometimes foundation and powder that doesn’t match isn’t as obvious as it would seem. Make it a habit to blend your foundation into your neck and keep more than one shade of foundation and powder to blend together and make a custom shade!

7 Super Smoky Eye

Smoky eyes can look sultry and sexy when done right but a little too much eye shadow, mascara and liner turns a would-be sensual look to one of the beauty blunders men notice most and cannot stand! I know the smoky eye is tricky so make sure you get a second or even third opinion from trusted friends if you’re not used to doing the look or you could very well end up looking like the living dead or sick!

Have you ever made any of these beauty blunders that men notice most? Isn’t it funny how we can get a new haircut or change our hair color and you have to literally point it out to your guy but they can spot these makeup mistakes a mile away?! Regardless of whether you’re trying to attract a man or not, always go light on makeup because you can always build up the color and add more which is much easier and natural looking than rubbing off too much makeup!

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