17 Beauty Challenges to Help You Learn to Love Yourself ...

By Holly

17 Beauty Challenges  to Help You Learn  to Love Yourself  ...

Stop calling yourself ugly and thinking that you have to change in order to be called beautiful. You're already gorgeous, just the way you are. To prove it, you should complete the following beauty challenges. If you don't love yourself now, you will by the time you complete them all.

1 Wear One Less Makeup Product than Usual

You don't have to go to school without any makeup on at all. Just try wearing one less product than usual. It'll show you that you don't need all of the makeup that you think you need.

2 Avoid the Mirror for 24 Hours

Instead of looking into every reflective surface you cross, try avoiding mirrors for a full day. You'll feel more beautiful when you aren't concerned about what you look like.

3 Post a Makeup Free Selfie

You can still take dozens of pictures of yourself to get the best angle and even add a filter. That's not so scary, is it? It'll help you become comfortable going makeup-free.

4 Don’t Insult Yourself for a Full Day

Go an entire day without thinking anything negative about yourself. Then see if you can go an entire week.

5 Don’t Step on the Scale for a Week

Your weight doesn't matter. Avoid the scale for as long as you can, because a number doesn't define you.

6 Write a List of Qualities You Love about Yourself

Sit there until you can come up with at least ten things. You can do it.

7 Compliment Every Friend You See

If you let yourself see the beauty in others, it'll be easier to see the beauty in yourself. So give all of your friends compliments on how amazing they look.

8 Post Inspirational Messages on Your Mirror

Don't let the mirror be your enemy. To make it more approachable, post inspirational messages on it about how beautiful you are.

9 Stop Caring about Everyone else's Opinion

The only opinion that matters is your own. Who cares what they say about you as long as you love yourself?

10 Go Get Your Nails Done Professionally

Something small, like getting your nails done, can make you feel gorgeous. You'll feel pretty, even when you're in pajamas.

11 Have an Hour of “me” Time

You don't need other people to be happy. You can make yourself happy. A little bit of alone time will prove it.

12 Wear Sexy Underwear

No one else needs to see your underwear. As long as you know you're wearing something sexy beneath your clothes, it'll make you feel powerful.

13 Listen to an Inspirational Song

The right music can put you in a better mood. So blast those inspirational songs!

14 Look at Your Favorite Photo of Yourself

You might have millions of photos of yourself you hate, but there has to be one you adore. Take that one out and look at it to remember how gorgeous you are.

15 Smile at Yourself in the Mirror

If you scowl whenever you see your reflection, it's no wonder you think you're unattractive. Smile at yourself instead!

16 Say Positive Affirmations Aloud in Mirror

Wait until everyone else leaves the house. Then stand in front of your mirror and say, "I am beautiful," and other positive affirmations. They can really help.

17 Write a Note to Yourself to Read Whenever You're Sad

When you're feeling good about yourself, write a letter to yourself about how amazing you are. Then, when you're upset in the future, you can read it to remind yourself of how incredible you really are.

You're beautiful. You just need to realize it! What do you love the most about yourself?

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