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Before YouTube I knew nothing about makeup, but with the help of a few beauty gurus, things began to make sense. With every video I was exposed to new tricks and ideas and I was able to learn about new products. After all, before YouTube makeup was all about trial and error, but now young girls and even adults can use it as a guideline. So if you are in need for some inspiration or tips, check out 7 of some of the most talented beauty gurus on YouTube.

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Michelle Phan

Michelle Phan is a veteran when it comes to beauty gurus. She was one of the first people to enter the YouTube world as a makeup artist and although she was never an expert, over time her skills dramatically grew. Now she is a big star in the beauty community with her own makeup line by the name of “Em.” If you have ever seen one of her videos, you know that they stand out from all the rest. She makes quality content that is enjoyable to watch. Not to mention, she is now a magician when it comes to makeup!


Bethany Mota

If you are a part of the younger generation, Bethany Mota is one of the makeup gurus that will definitely appeal to you. She is a charming and genuine girl with an absolutely bubbly personality! At only 18 years old she has already launched her own clothing line in collaboration with Aeropostale. However, her talent is not only limited to makeup and fashion; she also makes videos on décor, DIYs and much more.


Ingrid Nilson

If you have more of a classic style and tend to gravitate toward feminine, intricate details, I think you will definitely be able to relate to Ingrid. Her content consists of plenty of makeup tutorials, beauty DIYs and collaborations with other popular YouTubers. With her likable personality, you are more than likely to subscribe to her channel!


Zoe Sugg

However, let’s put aside North America and take a look at other talented beauty gurus on the other side of the world. Zoe Sugg is one of the many popular British YouTubers, who has over 3 million subscribers! She has an addicting personality that exudes positivity through her videos. Her tutorials are not only helpful but also something that will put a smile on your face.


Tanya Burr

Tanya Burr is another famous British YouTuber, who can always be trusted with when it comes to makeup. While most beauty gurus have started their channels with no prior experience, Tanya came in with previous knowledge from working at Mac. Her videos are definitely something every woman can use to step up her makeup game.


Jenn Im

If you are less interested in makeup and are more invested into fashion, check out Jenn on YouTube! She has a jaw dropping fashion sense and a unique personality. She is not afraid to wear something unconventional and turn some heads. Jenn knows how to express herself through her style, which is truly inspirational.


Andrea Brooks

Andrea is a stunning beauty guru that never fails to impress. She manages to create unique and original content that often lacks on many other YouTube channels. It is really hard to count how many useful tips I have learned just from watching a couple of her videos.

YouTube is a beautiful place to turn to even when you have a makeup dilemma. There are thousands of beauty gurus who are willing to share some of their most valuable beauty tips for free! So which beauty guru do you think is worth checking out?

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Wayne goss and Jordan liberty

I love Tanya and Zoe

I watch number 2,3,4,5,7

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Bethany Mota rarely does makeup tutorials these days.

Bethany Mota is 18, not 17.

Jaclyn hill ❤️

Zoe was also an extra in harry potter

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