7 Beauty Gurus to Help You with Your Makeup Dilemmas ...

Before YouTube I knew nothing about makeup, but with the help of a few beauty gurus, things began to make sense. With every video I was exposed to new tricks and ideas and I was able to learn about new products. After all, before YouTube makeup was all about trial and error, but now young girls and even adults can use it as a guideline. So if you are in need for some inspiration or tips, check out 7 of some of the most talented beauty gurus on YouTube.

1. Michelle Phan

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Michelle Phan is a veteran when it comes to beauty gurus. She was one of the first people to enter the YouTube world as a makeup artist and although she was never an expert, over time her skills dramatically grew. Now she is a big star in the beauty community with her own makeup line by the name of “Em.” If you have ever seen one of her videos, you know that they stand out from all the rest. She makes quality content that is enjoyable to watch. Not to mention, she is now a magician when it comes to makeup!

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