9 Beauty Hacks You Need in Your Life ...

If you’re not utilizing some smart beauty hacks in your beauty routine, you’re working too hard! Sure, applying skin care and beauty products hardly feels like work, but if you’re pressed for time in the mornings or just want to spice up your look, you can’t afford not to use beauty hacks. Try out some of these cool beauty shortcuts that help you achieve your desired look in less time and hassle so you can get on with your day and go on with your bad self.

1. Longer, Fuller Lashes

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This is one of my favorite beauty hacks because it’s quick, easy and you get results! When you want longer looking lashes, most women turn to Latisse or fiber lash mascaras. If you don’t happen to have either of them, you can use powder to boost your lash power. Lightly dust your pressed or loose powder, some ladies like to use baby powder, on your lashes with your eyes closed and just apply your mascara as usual. Grab a cotton swab and follow up with another coat of powder, making sure you pay attention to the tips of the lashes and apply another coat of mascara. You can keep building up your lashes until you achieve your desired look.

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