15 Incredible Beauty Hacks for Bitchin' Babes ...


15 Incredible Beauty Hacks for Bitchin' Babes ...
15 Incredible Beauty Hacks for Bitchin' Babes ...

Need some beauty hacks? Ever find yourself in a beauty blunder and have no idea what to do or how to fix it? We’ve all been there before. Here are 15 beauty hacks that might possibly save your face and your wallet!

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For Plumper Lips

Mix a couple drops of peppermint oil into your favorite lip gloss. It smells amazing and it gives your lips a little bit more life! This is one of the best beauty hacks I've ever tried.


Wash Your Face with Carbonated Water

The carbonated water goes into the pores and the dirt is pulled out. Leaving your pores tighter and filled with water.


Quick Eyeliner Slip Fix

If you mess up your eyeliner, dab a bit of concealer onto an angled brush and swipe it over the smudged area.


Massage Your Face with an Ice Cube after Washing

It helps to close the pores and reduce redness and swelling. Your makeup will go on smoother and it will last longer!


Is Your Favorite Mascara Getting Dried out and Clumpy?

Add a couple drops of Visine and mix it up a bit. This will help to break the mascara back down and make it nice and smooth again.


Save Some Money on under-eye Cream by Using Cold Green Tea Bags Instead

Steep the tea and then set them in the fridge for 30 mins. By placing these under your eyes for 20 minutes, you reduce puffiness and dark circles.


Wash Your Hair with Cold Water Instead of Hot

The cold water locks the moisture in your hair, increases shine and helps make your hair look a little less flat.


15 Minutes before Painting Your Nails, Place Your Polish in the Refrigerator

The chill will help your polish to go on smoother and more evenly.


Use Apple Cider Vinegar as Your Facial Toner

It restores your skins natural pH balance, prevents breakouts, evens out your complexion, and minimizes the appearance of pores.


Use Concealer to Get a Matte Lip

Apply the concealer to your lips right before your lipstick, it makes your lipstick stay on longer and gives it more of a matte color.


Poke a Dryer Sheet over All the Bristles of Your Hairbrush

This will get rid of the static in your hair and make it smell amazing!


Emergency Oil Fix

If you’re out and about and your face is looking a little oily, go the nearest bathroom and grab a toilet seat cover to blot away excess oil. The toilet seat cover works just like rice paper, it will have you looking matte and marvelous in no time!


Did You Just Shatter Your Favorite Powder Makeup?

Mix in a little bit of rubbing alcohol into the broken powder, flatten it out and let dry. Your powder will be good as new!


Cheap and Easy Storage Trick

Store your beauty blenders in a plastic Easter Egg in order to keep them clean and sanitary.


Need to Get Rid of a Pimple Quickly?

Take an Advil Liquid Gel and poke a small hole into one end with a needle. Gently squeeze onto the problem area and it will reduce the redness and swelling and help it heal faster.

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