Spring Cleaning Your Beauty Closet


Spring Cleaning Your Beauty Closet
Spring Cleaning Your Beauty Closet

The lady in this video is not messing around! As spring is coming up soon, be prepared to spring clean your beauty closet!

Maybe you have beauty items that are still good, but you just got tired of. Donate! One lady's trash is another lady's treasure!

Do you have good items that just needed a quick 5 minute tidy-up using baby wipes?

Personally, I have a little story to share with you... A couple of nights ago, my roommate's cat dumped my entire opened caboodle on the floor. So, I grabbed a plain dollar store basket that I was previously using for Christmas items. So, if the cat knocks over the make-up again, I can just return the make-up to the basket. Sorry... I did not mean to bore you, but my story was so relevant to this review... LOL The cat cannot break a dollar store basket!

Don't forget to treat yourself to some new makeup.

Have a wonderful day!

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