8 Beauty Lessons to Learn from the Bond Girls ...


8 Beauty Lessons to Learn from the Bond Girls ...
8 Beauty Lessons to Learn from the Bond Girls ...

Have you seen Skyfall yet? It’s another Bond film that nobody can stop talking about – and with Daniel Craig, Javier Bardem and Patrice, that’s no surprise. But it’s not just James Bond that gets attention! Nobody can take their eyes off his gorgeous Bond girls, either. Steal their breathtaking glamour with these striking Bond girl beauty lessons.

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Shiny Hair like Berenice

French actress Berenice Marlohe brought some serious Parisian glamour to her role in the latest film – from daring backless dresses to that silk-and-lace dressing gown, she looked every inch the style icon throughout. It’s not just her clothes that drew the eye, either; Berenice teamed lightly smoky eyes with bronzer and super-glossy hair for a natural yet stunning look. Steal her style by using a hair oil after washing your hair – I can recommend System Professional Luxe Oil!


Halle Berry

Halle Berry was simply fantastic as Jinx Johnson. Not only did she look amazing in that orange bikini (and spark a trend of neon bikinis across the globe) but she was also a strong and powerful character. She also made that retro bikini look her own by combining it with a short, spiky hairdo. Whatever length your hair, take some inspiration from Halle and work some gel through. You can create some great styles this way!


Eva Green

Vespa Lynd was one of my absolute favorite Bond girls. Eva Green pulled off the perfect vampy look; no wonder James Bond couldn’t resist. If you feel like attracting Daniel Craig for yourself, her look couldn’t be easier to steal. Opt for a dark eye, but keep it thin, and a dark red lipstick. Light blushers and a deep moisturizing hair mask are essentials too.


Naomie Harris

Naomie makes an impressive entrance into the Bond franchise in Skyfall, and rocks a series of gorgeous outfits throughout the film – her loose red shirt, red pencil skirt and tan belt look was a particular favorite of mine! She made the nude look her own throughout the movie, keeping that field-agent look realistic with some shimmering bronzer, nude eyeliner and a slick nude gloss. I’ve been rocking the "basic" look much more often since seeing the film – the extra ten minutes in bed will make you glow, and it’s so on trend.


Famke Janssen

Love the femme fatale look? It was completely owned by Famke in Goldeneye, where she played Xenia Onatopp. She pulled together the whole look perfectly – smudged, day-old eyeliner, dark red lips, red nails and statement rings really gave her black outfit a vampy twist, and her coiffed hair always looked stunning. Her big beauty lesson? Nothing needs to be perfect. If an outfit is just too feminine for you, take inspiration from Famke and add a leather jacket. Eyeliner not perfect? Smudge it up and rock it anyway.


Gemma Arterton

Gemma played the innocent and very lovely Ms Fields in Quantum of Solace, and although her part was quite short, her unique look means she’ll always be remembered. Gemma caught Daniel Craig’s eye with her Audrey Hepburn inspired glamour – big retro necklaces, shift dresses and nude lips, teamed with that cat-eye style. Try using a liquid eyeliner to recreate the look – black is classic and perfect for evenings, whilst nudes and dark greens are ideal for the daytime. Gemma is the perfect inspiration for a real vintage look!


Ursula Andress

The very first Bond girl, Ursula made a big impression – she played Honey Ryder in Dr. No, and her role involved showing off on the beach in a tiny bikini. Ursula taught us to love our natural self – she admitted to covering herself in skin illuminator and fake tan before the role, and rocked wet hair and some very basic waterproof make-up. She carried it off perfectly!


Olga Kurylenko

Camille was a new type of women in Quantum of Solace – strong, fierce and capable, she was a great accomplice to Bond, and just about everyone fell in love with her as the pair ran around barefoot on revenge missions. She kept her look very simple, with a light pink gloss and barely-lined eyes, along with very simple outfits (that showed off Olga’s amazing legs!) and some gorgeously tousled hair. Her biggest beauty lesson? Forget combing and hair spraying your hair, and instead hold your head upside down and give a good spray of dry shampoo. The added texture is perfect for giving you that morning-after look without being too messy.

There’s plenty of beauty lessons to be learnt from the Bond girls over the years – and they can even give some great lifestyle tips too! Once you’ve got your look just right, practice carrying yourself with that supreme friendly confidence, too. You’ll feel amazing! And don’t forget to tell me who your favorite Bond girl is…I’m torn, but Eva just edges it for me!

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