7 Beauty Mistakes That Age You ...


7 Beauty Mistakes That Age You ...
7 Beauty Mistakes That Age You ...

The beauty mistakes that age you that I’m going to be listing here are something all makeup artists list as “beauty faux pas you should be aware of before it actually happen”. What that basically means is that we’re talking about useful knowledge you should acquire ASAP. You can read about them and even find a way to use them in your twenties, they will definitely come handy in your thirties and you’ll become a pro by your forties! Pretty neat, you’ll agree! Well, let’s not wait a second longer! Take a look at these points and make note of all makeup mistakes to avoid in order to look youthful and naturally beautiful all day, every day, all life long!

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Too Much or Too Little Foundation

From tons and tons of foundation to no foundation at all – I do support extremes but let’s face it, there are times when you just have to find middle ground! Failing to do such thing, especially when foundation is involved, does fall under the category of beauty mistakes that age you! And we don’t want to be making those, now, do we? Add too much and every single fine line will show, fail to apply it and you’ll have all of those little imperfections out there in the open! The solution? A lightweight, hydrating yet non-greasy formula that will hydrate your skin while covering imperfections and giving your face a healthy glow!


Dry, Hungry Skin

Skin tends to be dryer as we age, requiring stronger moisturizing products to stay optimally hydrated. Failing to provide it with the care it needs is a beauty mistake that ages you significantly and a beauty faux pas you’ll want to avoid at all costs. Shake things up a bit, get acquainted with new products or experiment with natural, both healthy and budget-friendly ways to keep your face looking great every day. A rich night cream/treatment will help your skin have that natural, well-rested look even if you don’t sleep much, reduce the visibility of fine lines and give your face a youthful glow!


Too Much Powder

Translucent powder is an awesome product! And yes, I do believe every woman should take up a habit of using it to set her foundation and provide skin with that smooth, satiny finish. What you need to do in order to have it work for you instead of against you is master the art of applying it like a pro! It’s pretty simple actually – do not apply too much of it and do not apply it over the areas with a lot of fine lines. As miraculous as it is, this product probably isn’t the best one to use around the eye area as it will make it appear dry and add years to your face.


All Glitzy Eye Make up

Add metallic eye makeup to your list of beauty mistakes that age you, make it your personal goal to switch to their matte cousins and you’ll never regret that decision! As weird as it sounds, the light metallic and glittery eye shadows actually enhances the visibility of wrinkles, making this sensitive zone seem duller, more wrinkled and drier than it actually is! A matte, warm, flesh-tone eye shadow, on the other hand, will give your eyes a flawless satiny finish, smoothing down imperfections yet leaving plenty of room for some glitz whose purpose is to accent the good, flaw-free areas of your face.


Bad Relationship with a Blush

Speaking about beauty faux pas you don’t want to be repeating – let’s just say that, in order to look your best, your relationship with a blush needs to be really great! You’ll need to find a perfect shade and learn how to use it right. Say good-bye to your overly dark blushes and opt for a light, rosy to peachy one, making it your mission to apply it to the highest point of your cheeks instead of the middle. Highlighting the apples of your cheeks might have been a good idea before but let’s not deny the obvious – regardless of how great they looked in your twenties, you might find them sagging a bit in your thirties and forties. No need to highlight them and draw unnecessary attention to that area – move your brush work a bit higher and use your new blush shade on your cheekbones! Softer, more natural color will give your face a dewy, youthful look while a blush applied on cheekbones seals the deal, acting literally like a mini-lift.


Bad Choice of Lipstick

Okay, let’s talk about the makeup choices professional makeup artists agree you should be making in your forties…and all make up mistakes to avoid, of course! You see, once your lips lose some of that youthful fullness and acquire a few lines, continuing to use too dark, too metallic or too dry formulas is the last thing you’ll want to be doing. Choose a buttery soft, deeply moisturizing formula to reduce the visibility of lines and help lips appear plumper, replace overly metallic shine with a soft velvety one, opt for shiny patent or just a hint of naturally-looking glitz to keep the youthful appearance and definitely avoid using dark colors on daily basis. Fresh natural colors usually offer the best look, giving your lips much needed protection and moisture as well as a hint of subtle color, allowing you to look great even if all of your lipsticks tend to bleed a little.


Too Much Makeup on the Lower Portions of the Eyes

Last on my list of beauty mistakes that age you happens to be one beauty faux pas most women aren’t even aware of. When you’re tired or sick and especially once you notice that the sensitive skin under your eyes isn’t as firm as it used to be, the ideal thing to do would be to reevaluate your mascara and eyeliner routine. When it comes to your upper lashes, the good news is that you’re more than welcome to layer as much of these two as you see fit! The bad news is that you probably shouldn’t attempt to do so with your lower lashes. A light coat of mascara is completely fine, but do your best to clean up stains and avoid layering anything that could bleed into your fine lines and cause more stains. You want it clean, you want it light, you want it smooth – like you’ve had a great 12 hour-long rest.

Yup, beauty mistakes that age you are not the ones you should risk making! Experiment – yes, research – yes, choosing something new – yes! A makeup mistake that will add years to your face (especially if we’re talking about years you do not really have) is a make up mistake to avoid! What about you? Ever been guilty of doing those? I certainly have!

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