8 Beauty Shortcuts to Never Take ...


8 Beauty Shortcuts to Never Take ...
8 Beauty Shortcuts to Never Take ...

We’re all in a hurry to get ready in the morning or when we’re preparing to hit the hay at night and while we’re trying to save as much time as possible, there are some beauty shortcuts that you should avoid taking in order to maintain good skin and looking your absolute best! See if you’ve ever taken any of these seemingly helpful shortcuts that could actually be working against you!

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Sleeping Beauty

You’ve had a super long day at work or you’re back from a long night of dancing with your girls and you’re tipsy and tired but going to sleep with your makeup on is beauty shortcut you want to avoid at all costs! Falling asleep with your makeup on can cause your makeup to rub off on your pillow and rub back in deeper into your skin causing breakouts and clog your pores! Not to mention having to pry your eyes open from all that eye makeup and risking an eye infection! When you’re tired and ready to pass out, use makeup remover wipes and you’re ready to catch some Z’s!


Dirty Work

So you hit snooze one too many times and you’re in a rush to get ready for work, again; there’s nothing wrong with using dirty makeup brushes as a beauty shortcut, right? Wrong! Get in the habit of washing your makeup brushes at the very least once a week to avoid contaminating your skin with bacteria and dirt. You could always keep a back-up set for travel or for those occasions where your main set of brushes are dirty so you always have a clean set ready to go!


Heat Wave

I’m guilty of taking this so-called speedy beauty solution; I blow-dry my wet hair on the highest setting with the intent of speeding things up. In reality, I’m just frying my hair and drying it out! Plus, if your hair is dripping wet, your hair will take longer to dry anyway thus defeating the purpose. What’s a girl to do? Carefully remove all the water from your hair, use a quick hair dry towel or let it air dry for a little while, apply a heat protectant and then blow dry. Yes, it’ll take a little longer but your hair will thank you!


Little Miss Sunshine

If you have multiple skincare products that you apply every day and sometimes you just don’t have the time or patience to add a layer of sunscreen onto your face but that’s another one of the bad beauty shortcuts you don’t want to take! Protecting the delicate skin on your face and neck is of utmost importance! If you have a ton of different products in your medicine cabinet, look for products that do double duty and contain both a moisturizer and sunscreen.


Pop Princess

Unexpected zits can certainly ruin a day or night out but wanting to get rid of it in a hurry by popping it is one of the classic beauty shortcuts you should never take. Picking a zit can transfer dirt and bacteria from your fingers which can make a breakout worse and you’re risking the chance of giving yourself an acne scar that will linger for many weeks to come as a nasty reminder. Instead of popping that zit and breaking the skin and risk causing it to bleed, use some eye drops with redness relief on it to reduce redness and conceal.


Oldie but Goodie

You might have a hard time letting go of some of your favorite beauty products but holding on to makeup that’s past its prime and using it as cheap and speedy beauty solution is bad news! If you’re obsessed with a color that’s been discontinued and you’re used to using it so you constantly reach for it, don’t risk getting a bad reaction or contaminating your skin with bacteria! Look for dupes from other brands or check the company’s website to see if they sell discontinued products instead of holding on to old makeup.


Get Flossy

Skipping flossing your teeth might not sound like one of your typical beauty shortcuts but when you forgo flossing it actually affects your beauty! You read that right, when you don’t floss bacteria can build up in your teeth resulting in plaque which causes inflammation and cause your gums to recede which can lead to gaps and in the worst cases-tooth loss! Take time out to floss and remember to do it daily to keep those pearly whites lookin’ good!


Multitasking Mania

There are tons of beauty products on the market that have different uses help you streamline your beauty routine but if you’re trying to get multiple uses out of a product that’s not meant to be used in those ways; it’s a bad beauty shortcut! If you’re using your facial moisturizer as eye cream or soap as a facial cleanser to save time and money, you aren’t doing yourself any favors. Stick to products that are made specifically for that area!

Those were just a handful of bad beauty shortcuts that you shouldn’t take. Did you spot any beauty shortcuts that you take on this list? Remember that that one or two extra steps that you’re trying to avoid probably takes less than 10 seconds to do, so take the time to do it right. Make your skincare and beauty routine a nice relaxing and enjoyable ritual so you’re not tempted to always speed through it!

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Tip numbered 8 seems to be contradict to tip 5 as you said use eye drops for the zits to reduce redness.

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