7 Beauty Shortcuts ...


7 Beauty Shortcuts ...
7 Beauty Shortcuts ...

Beauty Tips can help you save time off of your daily beauty routine. Some of these beauty tips are perfect for every day, while others are better used on days that you are running short on time. Of course if you are anything like me, you are always running late and can use all the time saving beauty tips to get you back on schedule.

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Face Wipes

Save time washing your face with this beauty tip. For days that you are in a hurry to get out the door, use a face wipe instead of your regular face wash. It’s a better option than not washing your face at all.


Simple Eye Make-up

Keep eye make-up simple to save time. Instead of layering different shades and shadows for an all-out smokey eye go for something a bit more natural. All you really need is a highlight just below the brow, eyeliner, and mascara for a complete look.


Shampoo the Scalp

Save time in shower with this beauty tip. When washing your hair you can save time by only washing your scalp and roots. This is the area where dirt, grime, and oil collects and the main place you need to focus when washing. The rest will get clean as you rinse off the shampoo.


Dry Nails Fast

Need your nails to dry super quick so you can get on with your day? Trust me, I know the feeling. Waiting for nails to dry can be a pain. Next time try this quick beauty tip. After you paint your nails place your fingertips into a bowl of ice water for 60 seconds to speed up drying time.


Curl over Night

Save time in the morning by doing your hair at night. Have you heard of the sock bun? You cut the toes off of a sock and then roll it down creating a sock doughnut. To create curls, pull damp hair into a high ponytail on the top of your head. Place slide the sock doughnut onto ponytail. Start at the ends and roll the hair around the sock until you reach the base of the ponytail. Sleep with the sock bun in place over night. In the morning unravel your hair to unleash big loose curls.


Quick French Manicure

Need a simple nail fix? You can easily fake a French Manicure in no time at all. Paint your nails with a clear coat or a soft French Manicure Pink. Use a white pencil to fill to color under your nails to complete the look.


Tinted Moisturizer

Another beauty tip to help you save time in the morning suggests tinted moisturizer. Save time by using a product that will balance your skin tone and moisturizer at the same time. Tinted moisturizer does just that. This is perfect for women that don’t need a full coverage foundation.

There are lots of beauty tips you can use to save time when you need to get ready fast. Let me know how these beauty tips have worked for you. I would love to know if they help you save time in the morning when you were running late for work. Do you have any other beauty tips to help the rest of us save time in the morning getting ready?

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I love the quick dry and the french mancure becz i luv to do stuff with my nails! :-D

For getting rid of the dark under-eye circles you can put 2 metal spoons in the freezer overnight and then in the morning place them over your eyes. It quickly reduces puffy redness, wakes you up and get's rid of those stubborn dark circles!

#7 is very clever instead of struggle with straight lines color UNDER the nail

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