7 Beauty Staples for Summer ...

Now that summer is just a matter of weeks away, let’s start stocking up on our summer beauty staples! If you don’t have any true blue beauty favorites, don’t fret. You just might discover a few new products off of this list that might become your new beauty staples! Even if you don’t see a product that exactly tickles your fancy, hopefully these beauty products will inspire you to try something new or different!

1. Lorac Pro Metallic Cream Eyeliner in Copper

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To me, copper screams sultry and sexy, which is why I included it in this list of beauty staples for the summer! Lorac’s cream liner is highly pigmented and long-wearing, which is perfect for hot summer days. If this shade of copper doesn’t do it for you, there are a variety of shades of copper that are sure to flatter different eye colors and skin tones!

2. Skindinavia No More Shine Makeup Finish - for Oily Skin Types

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Makeup finishing sprays are definitely a beauty staple all year long. But for ladies with oily skin, we need extra protection in the summer heat! Skindinavia makes an awesome makeup finishing spray especially for oily skin to banish shine and keep makeup looking fresh and foxy for up to 16 hours. If you’ve tried Urban Decay’s De-slick or All Nighter setting sprays, they were created in partnership with Skindinavia so you’ll love this!

3. Brazilian Peel Brazilian True Tan

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This next product is sure to become a summer beauty staple for ladies who love to get their glow on! Brazilian’s Peel True Tan takes all the fuss out of self-tanning by creating a product that self-tans, exfoliates and moisturizes! Their formula provides a streak-free and even application enriched with moisturizers and glycolic acid to soften, exfoliate and rejuvenate your skin!

4. Sephora Collection Skin Perfect CC Cream SPF 20

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CC creams are starting to take over the beauty scene and if you’re wondering whether to take the plunge, this one might be worth looking into. Sephora’s CC cream is a little more affordable than other CC creams currently on the market and they offer more selection in terms of color. Also, they prime, protect, color correct and hydrate your skin and are lighter in weight than BB creams.

5. Essie Neons 2013 Nail Polish Collection

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If there’s a summer beauty staple that every set of fingers and toes needs, it’s a gorgeous nail color. Lucky for us, there are tons of beautiful nail lacquers and one of the best is Essie’s Neons! Whether you favor bright green, hot pink or sweet baby pink, this collection has it all! If you’re not into brights, be sure to check out their resort and spring color collection!

6. L’Oreal EverStyle Texture Series Beach Spray

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If you’re nowhere near the beach but still want to rock the beachy waves look, L’Oreal’s got you covered! You can easily mimic a day spent romping on the beach with a few spritzes of this sea salt spray to give you textured, tousled waves. You’ll be happy to know that this formula is alcohol-free, vegan and made without any synthetic dyes!

7. Victoria’s Secret PINK Summer Daze Body Mist

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Ahhh, savor the summer days with the refreshing floral scent of Summer Daze! Victoria’s Secret is the master in concocting and capturing tropical islands, beaches and summer fun in a bottle, so you know their body mists will not disappoint! Throw this spray in your beach bag or spritz it on during the work or school day to remind you of the fun to come this summer!

I have tons of summer beauty staples, so while these seven products are sure to stay in heavy rotation this summer, I know I’ll be using plenty more! What are some of your favorite beauty staples? How do you usually discover your new beauty favorites?

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