7 Beauty Staples for Summer ...

Now that summer is just a matter of weeks away, let’s start stocking up on our summer beauty staples! If you don’t have any true blue beauty favorites, don’t fret. You just might discover a few new products off of this list that might become your new beauty staples! Even if you don’t see a product that exactly tickles your fancy, hopefully these beauty products will inspire you to try something new or different!

1. Lorac Pro Metallic Cream Eyeliner in Copper

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To me, copper screams sultry and sexy, which is why I included it in this list of beauty staples for the summer! Lorac’s cream liner is highly pigmented and long-wearing, which is perfect for hot summer days. If this shade of copper doesn’t do it for you, there are a variety of shades of copper that are sure to flatter different eye colors and skin tones!

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