7 Beauty Tips According to Your Blood Type ...


7 Beauty Tips According to Your Blood Type ...
7 Beauty Tips According to Your Blood Type ...

We get beauty tips on a variety of things like our skin color or hair color, but did you know there are actually beauty tips according to your blood type? If you’ve heard of the blood type diet, it’s similar to that except we use our blood types to determine what works best with our skin and features! So, if you’d like some unconventional beauty tips by blood type that might change the way you think about beauty techniques, keep reading for more!

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Know Your Type

The first beauty tip by blood type is to, of course, figure out what your blood type is! Most of us might already know what it is but for those who don’t, it’s as easy as asking your doctor. Or, if you want to figure it out yourself, you can find blood type calculators online but you’ll need to know the blood types and maybe the Rh factors of your parents.


Getting to Know You

After you’ve figured out what your blood type is, let’s get to know what it means to you! While the focus of this post is beauty tips by blood type, many people agree that your blood type affects much more than just your beauty! Lots of people swear that your diet and personality have a lot to do with your blood type, so why not get to know what your unique blood type means to you? I didn’t agree with my blood type assessment 100% but there were many things that were true!


Your blood type is a useful tool for understanding yourself better. It can provide insight into your diet, personality, and even beauty tips! Knowing your blood type is the first step to uncovering the unique characteristics of your type.

Each blood type has its own set of traits and characteristics. For example, people with type A blood tend to be more creative and sensitive, while people with type B blood are often strong-willed and independent. Type AB people are usually considered to be the most adaptable and social, while type O people are often seen as reliable and conscientious.

Your blood type can also affect your diet. For example, people with type A blood should avoid dairy products and focus on a vegetarian diet, while type B individuals should avoid chicken and corn. Type AB people should focus on seafood and tofu, and type O individuals should focus on high-protein foods like lean meats and beans.

Frequently asked questions

It's fascinating, but your blood type can influence skin conditions. For instance, blood type A individuals might have more sensitive skin, so gentle products are better. Blood type O folks might have oilier skin and should focus on balancing it. It’s about tailoring products to what your body needs!

Blood type O tends to have more oily skin, so a good exfoliation routine is crucial. Also, eating right for your blood type, like lean proteins and lots of veggies, can keep your skin and hair looking fab. And you might want to invest in non-comedogenic makeup to prevent clogged pores.

Yes, blood type AB can sometimes deal with issues like mixed skin types, so you might need to combine products for dry and oily areas. It's also a good idea to focus on stress-relief techniques since stress can wreak havoc on this skin type.

Absolutely! Blood type O might find that they have thicker hair and a more oily scalp, needing balancing shampoos. Blood type A hair can be more sensitive and prone to damage, so gentle and nourishing products are a must. Tailoring your haircare to your blood type can make a big difference!

For sure! Many believe that blood type can influence personality. For example, blood type A individuals are often seen as meticulous and detail-oriented, which might mean they’re extra thorough with their beauty routines. Knowing these traits can help in choosing a regimen that you can stick to and enjoy.


Type a

The first beauty tip by blood type is for ladies with the blood type A. Typically, type A skin is less prone to sweat than other blood types and doesn’t have issues with oily skin. You’re usually cold and have small pores on your face. Experts suggest wearing layers to not only stay warm but to protect your skin as well. As for makeup, keep foundation light and sheer and play up your sparkly eyes!


Individuals with Type A blood should focus on nurturing their sensitive skin by incorporating a gentle, hydrating skincare routine. Since you may experience dryness, especially in colder climates, use products rich in hyaluronic acid or glycerine to lock in moisture. When it comes to diet, aim for foods that promote a healthy glow; leafy greens and antioxidants like berries are wonderful choices. Daily consumption of green tea could help contribute to a clear complexion. Additionally, embrace the natural beauty of your complexion with minimal makeup; this allows your skin to breathe and maintains its delicate balance.


Type B

Next up are beauty tips for ladies with the blood type B. B-types generally have shallow, sensitive and thin skin so your skin’s condition can be unpredictable at times. Mild, fragrance free cleansers and gentle scrubs are best for B-types whose sensitive skin has a tendency to produce more oil. For makeup, choose shimmery eye shadows and pearly highlighters to brighten up your delicate features!


Blood type B is associated with individuals who have sensitive and thin skin. This means that their skin can be easily irritated and prone to producing excess oil. To combat this, it is recommended for B-types to use gentle, fragrance-free cleansers and scrubs. Additionally, when it comes to makeup, shimmery eye shadows and pearly highlighters can help brighten up their delicate features. It is also important for B-types to use moisturizers and sunscreens to protect their sensitive skin from harsh environmental factors. Furthermore, B-types are advised to avoid heavy and greasy products, as they can clog pores and cause breakouts. By following these beauty tips, B-types can maintain healthy and radiant skin.


Type AB

Beauty tips by blood type AB emphasize the use of natural products for skin care. Try to avoid using hard water when washing your face or boil tap water, allow it to cool and use it to wash your face. Apply a quick egg white mask to nourish your skin and help delay the signs of aging. Bright nail polish and using color correcting concealers are suggested for beautiful AB blood typed lasses!


For those with blood type AB, it is important to keep skin hydrated and nourished. While natural products are best, it is also important to use products that are specifically formulated for your skin type. A daily moisturizer with SPF is essential for protecting skin from the sun’s damaging rays.

In addition to skin care, there are a few other beauty tips that should be followed. For those with blood type AB, bright nail polish is a great way to add a pop of color to your look. Color correcting concealers can be used to even out skin tone and hide any blemishes.

When it comes to hair care, blood type AB individuals should avoid using heat styling tools as much as possible. Air drying hair is the best option as it will help to keep hair healthy and prevent it from becoming damaged. Additionally, using natural, sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners will help to keep hair looking and feeling its best.


Type O

Getting enough sleep is the number one beauty tip by blood type for type O. After you get your beauty rest, wash your face with a mild cream or gel cleanser and avoid foaming cleansers. Type O skin is typically oily with larger pores so foam cleansers can actually aggravate common type O skin conditions. Use makeup containing SPF and try incorporating a highlighter pen to your makeup routine to light up your features!


Type O people should be sure to stick to a consistent sleep schedule to get the best beauty rest. This will help to reduce the amount of oil produced in the skin, and help to keep pores clear.

In addition to getting enough sleep, type O people should also use a mild cream or gel cleanser when washing their face. Foaming cleansers can aggravate common type O skin conditions and should be avoided.

Makeup should contain SPF to protect the skin from the sun's harmful UV rays. Additionally, a highlighter pen can be used to enhance features and create a more youthful look.

When it comes to diet, type O people should focus on lean proteins such as fish, turkey, and chicken. They should also consume plenty of vegetables, and avoid foods that are high in sugar and processed carbohydrates.

Type O people should also stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. This will help to keep the skin looking and feeling healthy.

Finally, type O people should make sure to exfoliate their skin regularly. This will help to remove dead skin cells and keep pores clear.


Eat Well

Part of the beauty tips by blood type is to also eat according to your blood type. While you don’t have to take on a blood type diet, there are a few food tips to maintain health and get glowing skin! Veggies, soy proteins and grains are a must for type A blood while low-fat dairy, meat and produce are ideal for blood type B. AB blood types should look for seafood, dairy and produce and O types should choose lean meats, poultry and fish.

Did these beauty tips by blood type match up with your skin type and makeup habits? Our blood type can reveal a lot about our health and personalities. And while there isn’t a ton of research behind these beauty tips, it’s still pretty interesting to learn about how your blood type can affect your health and beauty! Will you try out any of these blood type beauty tips?

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im type A but im totally opposite to what the articles says :(

Now i know for my blood type 0

wow - very interesting. I don't even remember my blood type :(

I'm blood type A but I sweat alot XD But I do get cold easily. Maybe it is because of the weather difference in Singapore. (:

I don't agree with the diets for certain blood types. I'm a B- and a vegetarian and was very picky when I did eat meat years ago. I think any one who wants to and has the will power and determination to handle a diet such as vegetarians or vegans then they shouldn't let any one tell them otherwise. There was surprising truths for B skin types though.

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