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When you're sick, you don't have the mental energy to spend a lot of time on your appearance. You just want to lounge around in your pyjamas watching Netflix. But you don't always have the luxury of hanging around at home, so what about those days when you still need to be on the go? Here's how to handle sick days and still look good …

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Keep Your Makeup Simple

Forget about applying a full face of makeup; your skin is probably flaky and irritated, and you'll be blowing your nose all day. Keep your base simple; a tinted moisturiser will do the trick. Then just use a little blusher to fake a healthy glow, and a touch of concealer to hide your red nose! If you want to use eye makeup, a neutral color is fine.


Quick Boosts save the Day

On a day when you're feeling like death warmed up, a few quick boosts can help you feel halfway human. Put your hair in a ponytail and jazz it up with a flower band or pretty hair clip. Or maybe your favorite pair of earrings will help cheer you up. A slick of bright lipstick will take attention away from your red nose!


Superstar Shades

If you really can't be bothered with making up your eyes, or they're just so red and puffy that you can't bear anyone to see them, grab your shades. Hollywood's finest hide behind their sunnies when they want to appear mysterious or hide from the paps; put yours on, and nobody will know that you're red-eyed and puffy!


Wear Something Pretty

You probably only feel like wearing something casual like sweatpants and a baggy t-shirt, rather than putting together a smart outfit. But that'll make you feel even more off-colour, so give yourself a psychological lift by wearing something pretty. Pull on a colorful dress or wrap a bright scarf around your neck (this'll help keep your throat warm as well as look good!).


Stay Moisturised

Your lips and nose tend to suffer when you have a cold, so keep slapping on moisturiser. Have a small tub of moisturiser or balm handy, and apply it whenever your skin or lips feel like they're drying out. If you don't want to wear lipstick, put on a tinted balm or lip gloss to keep your lips hydrated.


Make It Last!

When you're sick, your eyes tend to stream, so this is one time you definitely need a waterproof mascara. Otherwise you're going to be wearing not-so-flattering streaks of mascara rather than luscious lashes! A layer of primer will help your makeup stay on longer as well.


Warm up Your Skin

Being sick can leave you looking like you've had all the life sucked out of you, so you need to brighten up your skin. Your eyes will benefit from colors like gold and champagne; stay away from black liner and other dark shades. Avoid any blue-based colors; opt for a warm blush and lip color or gloss.

While you may not be able to completely hide the signs that you're feeling below par, you can make yourself look (and feel) quite a bit better with the right makeup. It'll boost your spirits and help you through until you feel better!

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@sharon I agree with u but a bright lipstick can really make you feel 100% more confident and pretty.

Why would you want to put makeup on when your sick really. All you need is Vaseline for when your lips are dry and keep your skin moisterized.

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