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8 Beauty Tips from New York Fashion Week ...

By Lisa

If you’re curious to find out some beauty tips from New York Fashion Week, I’ve rounded up some of the best from the net! When we think of fashion week, we think of the amazing models, incredible fashions and flawless makeup, so you know that there are some amazing beauty tips to be had! Keep reading for some awesome beauty tips from New York Fashion Week!

1 Bronzed Eyes

One of the most subtle yet gorgeous beauty tips from New York Fashion Week is to use bronzer on the eyes. At Herve Leger, models were seen wearing bronzer on the eyelids and under the brow bone. It might sound like a whole lot of bronzer, but this look was actually very natural and instantly warmed up the face! Keep your eyes and lips on the neutral side for a soft, natural glow.

2 Strong Brows

Another beauty trend that we’ve seen in fashion week and on celebs and models is strong eyebrows. Full eyebrows have been said to make the face appear more youthful and exotic-looking. The models from Marc Jacobs rocked strong, bold eyebrows that gave them an edgy yet very polished look. Makeup artists blended Nars eye shadows together to create full, strong brows.

3 Electric Eyes

If you like to take risks with makeup, this next fashion week beauty tip is for you! The models at Donna Karan were spotted wearing pops of bright eyeliner and mascara for a shocking yet feminine look. If you like wearing colored mascara but are bored with the limited selection of colors, try painting your lashes with liquid eyeliner to create a fresh new color or look!

4 Neutral Nails

If you’re over dark polish, make like the models of spring fashion week and rock neutral and nude nail colors! The models at Diane von Furstenberg and Carolina Herrera were seen wearing smoky eye makeup with shiny, neutral-colored nails. Try Essie’s Allure or Estee Lauder nail polish in So Vain to rock the runway look!

5 Textured Tresses

Models at Proenza Schouler and Prabal Gurung rocked textured, fuss-free hair that flowed beautifully. Fredrick Fekkai hair stylist Paul Hanlon created a dented look in models’ hair to create a messy, slept-in look. Prabal Gurung models wore their strands bent and wavy with straight ends.

6 Glossy Lids

If you’re looking for an easy way to freshen up your makeup look, try this fashion week beauty tip from Shiseido makeup artist Dick Page. Take a lip treatment and gently dab a lip treatment around the border of your eyes and finish off with mascara for a glossy and fresh look. It might sound weird but many women use Smith’s Rosebud Salve on their lids to give them a soft sheen!

7 Tightlining

Tightlining isn’t a new beauty trend by any means but it was a hot trend amongst makeup artists at fashion week! Makeup artist Gucci Westman tightlined the eyes of the J. Mendel models with brown eye liner and finished off the look with brown eye shadow to create the illusion of thicker lashes and really make eyes pop!

8 Contoured Cheeks

Do you crave the look of sculpted cheekbones but your regular matte bronzer isn’t doing it for you? Try this makeup trick from MAC makeup artist Diane Kendal and lightly brush on a taupe eye shadow under the apples of your cheeks to define and add depth to your cheekbones. Make sure you blend, blend, blend so there are no obvious lines when you rock your new model-worthy cheekbones!

I love how we can get so much beauty inspiration from fashion week. Designers go to such great lengths to create such gorgeous looks and we’re lucky enough to get some beauty inspiration and recreate them! Do you ever create makeup looks that are inspired by the runway?

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