7 Genius Beauty Uses of Vaseline Every Woman Must Know ...


7 Genius Beauty Uses of Vaseline Every Woman Must Know ...
7 Genius Beauty Uses of Vaseline Every Woman Must Know ...

You must have heard that women use vaseline in their beauty routines, but what are the exact beauty uses of vaseline you can try?

Since vaseline is known to be the main ingredient in so many beauty products, it has the widest range of application. And it's no wonder Hollywood stars swear by it and have kept it their little beauty secret for decades!

Well... not anymore, here are the 7 beauty uses of Vaseline, also called petroleum jelly, that will change your beauty habits forever!

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Vaseline Gives Longer Eyelashes

Mascara can make eyelashes get shorter and emptier with every use, especially the waterproof ones. Well, you don't have to stop using mascara. Apply a tiny amount of Vaseline with the tip of your finger over your clean eyelashes every night before going to bed. Just be careful not to get it in your eyes. You will notice the difference within a week or two and you won't need eyelash extensions or fake eyelashes. My eyelashes burned two years ago and they grew back but not as before. I used Vaseline on them for a few weeks and now they're longer than ever.


Grow out Your Eyebrows Using Vaseline

Well, we are all victims of changing beauty styles. There was a time when we all had our eyebrows too thin and when it's time for fuller and thicker brows they just won't grow back as before! Apply Vaseline to your eyebrows every night before going to bed and your eyebrows will grow back as they used to be. This takes some time (about a couple of months) so be patient with it. If you want darker eyebrows, mix it with castor oil. No need to tattoo your eyebrows every now and then anymore.


Apply Vaseline on Your Lips for Hydration

Those new matte lipsticks are very drying for our lips, but you don't have to avoid them. After you remove your makeup and before going to bed, apply a generous amount of Vaseline all over your lips. Trust me, it works just overnight and you will wake up with super soft lips ready to rock all kinds of lipstick with no worries. No need to keep buying expensive chapstick and walk around with them all the time. Isn't this just awesome?!


Add Vaseline to Your Split Ends to Keep Your Hair Healthy

This was a surprise for me! Vaseline does prevent and treat your hair's split ends. Split ends are a sign of weakness and dryness as well and can affect short and long hair. Use a generous amount of petroleum jelly on the ends of your hair for at least one hour to work it's magic in locking the moisture in, then wash your hair like you always do. You can also mix Vaseline with other oils if you like. It will treat split ends and help prevent them. This will help your hair grow better without having to trim a big part of it off.


Apply Vaseline to Prevent or Fight Wrinkles

No one wants to get wrinkles and it's usually too late when we realize we have wrinkles that need to be stopped! Vaseline can help with that and celebrities swear by it! This one is a little tricky though. You need to have clean skin before you apply Vaseline to it because it's very greasy and you don't want any breakouts. So, wash your face before going to bed and after doing your night routine, apply a very small amount of Vaseline on the wrinkled areas (usually forehead, around the eyes and between your mouth and cheeks on both sides). Gently massage them against gravity (in an upward motion) with the tips of your fingers. Watch the wrinkles slowly disappear. If they don't disappear at least they won't get any worse. This will take time so be patient and you will get results.


Soften Your Cuticles

Vaseline is an amazing cuticle softener. It you find it too greasy to apply on your hands, just use a small amount on your cuticles every night before going to bed. You will need to pay less mani and pedi visits to your nail spa. The skin around the nails will remain soft keeping your nails healthier and looking greater than ever!


Get Baby Soft Feet with Just Vaseline

Summer foot wear sometimes causes dryness on the soles of our feet, especially the heels (they sometimes crack or peel). To stop and prevent all of this, just wash your feet with soap and apply a generous amount of Vaseline on your feet. Cover them overnight with socks for better results.

Well that's about it! I think I just discovered Vaseline's super power! It's actually a HUGE MONEY SAVER! Look how many products it replaced!

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You can also use vaseline to remove eye makeup

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