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7 Beauty Wipes That You Must Add to Your Routine ...

By Eliza

Thank you, Shape magazine for this eye opening new information! Have you heard of beauty wipes? They are much more than a baby wipe or make-up remover. Because such items are so easy to use and are so portable, beauty experts have created a whole range of them for many different purposes. By adding them to your beauty routine, you can get the benefits you want while also streamlining your routine and making the whole thing easier. Here are the beauty wipes you simply must add to your daily beauty rituals.

1 Nail Wipes

Are you tired of using a pile of cotton balls to remove your nail polish? Not to mention how hard it is to get all that polish off and how long it takes to get the job done. It’s nail wipes to the rescue! These awesome wipes promise to remove the nail polish on all ten fingers. Simply swipe and discard and you’re good to go. And, most are acetone free so they won’t dry out your nails.

2 Teeth Wipes

What?! Yes, you read that right. Now, before you get too excited, these wipes are not designed to be a substitute for brushing and flossing each and every day. Instead, they are another tool you can add to your arsenal. Each wipe is soaked in baking soda and peroxide, so you can use them to whiten teeth without the mess and hassle of trays and such. Not only will they remove stains, but the wipes also kill off nasty bacteria in your mouth at the same time. Gotta love that!


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3 Arm and Leg Wipes

These handy little wipes are infused with hydrating products that you can slather on your skin without the greasy feel of traditional lotion. Simply grab one and gently rub it on your dry skin. They are great for arms and legs, but the creators say you can use them anywhere on your body. Cool, right?

4 Face Wipes

Much more common and probably wipes you’ve seen before are face wipes. These products do anything from getting rid of make-up to hydrating your skin. They’ve been around for a while, which means you can find them for your specific skin type as well as for any special conditions you might be dealing with.

5 Mouth Wipes

These are different from teeth wipes as they are designed more for lips. If you have a hard time getting rid of every ounce of lipstick or stain, these wipes will change your life. All you have to do is gently rub your lips with one of the wipes and you’ll see all that leftover color disappearing in a flash. Talk about easy!

6 Body Wipes

If you want to give attention to your entire body, there’s a wipe for that too. These great little gems are perfect for wiping down after a workout. They’ll get rid of sweat and odor so you can get back to your life. If you work out during your lunch break or hate using the communal showers, body wipes are a must have for your gym bag. They are also wonderful for camping or traveling when you can’t get to a shower. Some are even cooling, which is great after a strenuous exercise session.

7 Underarm Wipes

Do you worry about underarm odor or suffer from irritation due to shaving or deodorant? These wipes are for you! They’ll kill bacteria and bad smells and most contain witch hazel, which can soothe chapped, dry or otherwise uncomfortable skin. Get some today!

Are you shocked to see all the beauty wipes you can find and use? I was too! Which one are you going to add to your beauty routine?

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