7 Best Beauty Books Worth Browsing through ...

If you’re like me, you often see beauty books but never really taken the time to look through them. Honestly, I thought they were just oversized and overpriced versions of magazine and video tutorials, but I was so wrong! These seven beauty books below are packed with great photos and beauty advice you won’t want to miss, keep reading for the details!

1. About Face: Amazing Transformations Using the Secrets of the Top Celebrity Makeup Artist by Scott Barnes

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This beauty book by celeb makeup artist Scott Barnes contains super glam makeovers, step-by-step makeup techniques and info on all of his must-have beauty items. If you’ve ever wanted to know what items celeb makeup artists carry in their kits, here’s your chance to find out! He also has a new beauty book coming out called Face to Face with lots of celebrity makeup transformations and dazzling photos!

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