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7 Best Beauty Highlights from the Oscars in 2014 ...

By Alyssa

You know one of the main reasons you watch the Oscars each year is to see the beautiful stars as they walk the red carpet, which is why I have compiled the 7 best beauty highlights from the Oscars 2014. There were some pretty great ones this year, and you know you were just dying to see Anne Hathaway pop out of the shadows she’s been hiding in for the past year. So if you missed the famous ones coming down the red carpet - don’t worry. I’ve got you covered with the 7 best beauty highlights from the Oscars 2014.

1 Lupita Nyong’o

Lupita Nyong’oI’m sorry, but did we every think she could possibly look anything other than stunning? I didn’t think so. The woman is gorgeous, which is why she is number one on the 7 best beauty highlight’s from the Oscars 2014. Her soft smoky eye paired with bright red lips are natural and perfect with the soft boldness of her bright blue gown. But my favorite part of this look is her headband. A perfect way to dress up her short hair, it further solidifies that the woman knows what looks good on her. I was not disappointed.

2 Cate Blanchett

Cate BlanchettAnother one of my favorites (and admit it, yours too), Cate Blanchett never ceases to looked ethereal. Accenting her pale skin with soft pinks was not only on trend, but gave her a youthful glow. But I think what really stood out was her hair. Her soft waves looked effortless. For some reason I just can’t make that work on me. Hmm... maybe I need to be 5’8"... or Australian.


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3 Penelope Cruz

Penelope CruzI picked her because I love how she, like Cate, totally rocked the pink trend. But Penelope’s pinks are more of a pink champagne. Her eyes seem to shimmer with a golden pink. And her lips glow, like a lip stick I tried to pull off in high school but never could. Now I know why... I’m not Penelope Cruz. Her hair was simple, a bit ho hum. But I guess you can never go wrong with a simple top bun.

4 Jared Leto

Jared LetoAm I allowed to put Jared Leto in this category? Because I am so there! I think he may be the only man who can actually pull off ombre hair. And he just won an effing Oscar, while wearing that hair. So you can’t tell him no. You go, Jared Leto, you go.

5 Emma Watson

Emma WatsonI just got used to her short hair and it’s long again? And now her hair was styled like a safer version of Kristen Stewart’s punk rock phase. Messy and only half up. But PLEASE, don’t get me wrong. Emma pulls this off MUCH better. And without all the extra grease. I think this could be a easy look for women everywhere who are not yet ready for the big shave, to try out. And her simple golden eye and red lips - classic.

6 Maria Menounos

Maria MenounosI felt like everyone played it simple at the Oscars this year. I mean, even Lady Gaga came as herself (gasp - I know!). So it was nice to see Maria Menounos in a fun hairstyle. I loved the braids all wrapped up into a messy bun. But I’m a bit biased, because this is basically the exact same hairstyle I’m wearing as Maid of Honor in my very best friend’s wedding. Paired with a smokey eye and nude lip, the messy strands framed her naturally pretty face.

7 Lady Gaga

Lady GagaRemember when I said Lady Gaga shockingly came to the Oscars as herself? I just said it in the paragraph above so of course you should! Her hair was dyed a very flattering shade of platinum blonde. She had it teased back in such a classic and flattering way, it’s hard to believe it was her and not some other Hollywood starlet. She had simple shimmering metallic eyes, which I think may have been some of the best eye makeup on the red carpet. Matched with simple coral lips and cheeks, I felt like a renewed little monster when I looked at her. It was refreshing.

So now that you know the trends, you can go out and try them yourself, and this may be the first time I strongly encourage you to imitate Lady Gaga! So I guess the spring trends are right on track. So what do you all think of these beauty looks? Oh and who loved Ellen as much as I did?

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