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8 Best Beauty Tips for Contact Lens Wearers ...

By Lisa

Wearing contact lenses is super convenient but when it comes to makeup, there are some beauty tips for contact lens wearers to be aware of. When you’re wearing contacts, you want to avoid wearing any eye makeup that can irritate your eyes or cause you any discomfort. Believe me, it’s completely possible to be able to wear contacts and still look gorgeous with these makeup tips for contacts lens wearers!

1 Keep It Clean

Beauty tips for contact lens wearers have to begin with clean hands. We all know how important it is to have clean hands and fingers when we’re handling contacts, as well as our beauty products and tools. If you applied any lotion or skin care products, be sure to wash hands thoroughly before applying your contacts to avoid irritating your eyes. Make sure you keep your beauty tools like eye shadow brushes and powder brushes clean also, to prevent breakouts or infection.

2 Pop 'em in

The next makeup tip for contact lens wearers is to pop in your contacts. Most beauty experts will recommend that you insert your contacts before applying any makeup. It’s easier to keep your contacts clean and free of any makeup, as well as avoid any makeup smears if you apply your contacts before anything else. It’s also a good idea to take your contacts out before you remove your makeup.


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3 Play It Safe

A really obvious but necessary eye makeup tip for ladies wearing contacts is to use contact lens-safe beauty products. Using eye makeup that is suitable for contact lenses will help you avoid any irritation and infection, plus it’s much safer for your eyes. Look for hypoallergenic and oil-free products when you’re shopping for makeup.

4 Don’t Ride the Line

You might not like this next eye makeup tip but it might save you a lot of hassles and pain! According to NY ophthalmologist Susan Resnick, contacts lens wearers should avoid applying liner to the inside of the lash line. Doing so can block oil-producing tear glands, which can cause dry eyes, hazy lenses, cysts or an infection.

5 Be Prudent with Powder

Using powder might be a regular part of your beauty routine but this next makeup tip for contact lens wearers suggests you take it easy with the powder. When you’re applying face powder, choose pressed over loose, keep your eyes closed and be careful that you don’t get any in your eyes. Also, choose cream shadows over powder shadows when you can. If you’re really attached to your powder shadows, try mixing them with a little water to avoid getting any powder under the lenses.

6 Build Better Lashes

In order for contact lens wearers to build better lashes, avoid fiber mascaras or any type of mascara that will flake. You know how irritating it can be when you get mascara fibers and flakes without wearing contacts, so imagine what it’s like with contacts in! Mascara flakes can also damage the contact lens, so it’s important to wear contact lens-safe mascara and avoid applying it too close the base of the lashes.

7 Guard Your Lenses

While we want to protect our eyes from any makeup and debris, we also want to take care to protect our lenses. This makeup tip for contact lens wearers advises you to keep nail polish, nail polish remover, eyelash glue and any type of fragrance away from your lenses to keep them clean and intact.

8 Remove with Care

The last eye makeup tip for contact lens wearers is to remove all makeup with care. Sounds easy enough, but many of us use the wrong tools to remove eye makeup. Choose eye makeup remover that’s oil and fragrance free, preferably water-based and avoid using anything with fibers to take off your makeup. Many cotton balls have fibers that can come off or stick to your eyes. Look for good quality pads that won’t leave behind any debris!

These eye makeup tips for contact lens wearers might seem really simple and obvious, but it’s really easy to get caught up in our daily routines and neglect our precious peepers! Following these easy tips can help ensure that your eyes stay healthy and comfortable. Do you have any makeup tips for when you wear contact lenses?

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