8 Best Fiber Mascaras for Flirty Lashes ...

If you’re looking for an easy and temporary way to get flirty lashes, why not try some of these best fiber mascaras? Fiber mascara is a simple way to get fuller and longer lashes in a matter of seconds minus the big eyelash extension bill or the fuss of using falsies. If you’re ready to give these guys a go, be sure to try out one of the highly rated, best fiber mascaras in stores today!

1. Maybelline Illegal Lengths Fiber Extensions Mascara

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I was a big fan of the original Illegal Lengths mascara so when they rereleased a new version, I was ecstatic! This gets my vote for being one of the best fiber mascaras because it’s affordable and effective. You can instantly lengthen lashes with the swipe of the wand and it washes off easily too! You can use this every day or for special occasions where you really want your eyes to take center stage!

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